Friday, January 30, 2015

Fashion Inspiration: Blake Lively

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been watching Gossip Girl...pretty much any chance I get.  And even though the show is several years old, I can't help but admire the fashion that is so prominently displayed.  Serena's (Blake Lively's character's) style is definitely more of what I gravitate towards. 

So Gossip Girl, coveting Serena's look, and finally having access to the internet after a couple of days of being off the grid led to a Blake Lively fashion binge and slight girl crush.  The fairly new Mrs. Reynolds is already one of my husband's celebrity girlfriends (SN - my boyfriends can be found on my Pinterest board simply titled "My Boyfriends,") and I have seen more of her recently due to her pregnancy and induction into the mommy club.  Through all stages of life she remains a fashion icon and seems to flawlessly pull off look after look. See for yourself below.

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