The Hacks That Will Cut Your Time in the Kitchen

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There’s no denying that home cooked meals are more nutritious and healthier for the whole family than pre-packaged meals, fast food or the average restaurant meal, but they also take more time to shop for and prepare. What’s a mommy to do? Actually, there are lots of little kitchen hacks that can save you time and put an end to the stress of home cooking. Here are some of the best:

Write a Grocery List

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Before you head to the grocery store, take inventory of what you already have and write down anything you need to buy on a list. Having a list will make it easier for you to shop for quickly and you won’t waste money on things you don’t really need, buying only the right ingredients for your meals.

Read Recipes carefully

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Before you begin cooking, read a recipe very carefully so that you don’t get caught out with an ingredient you don’t have halfway through the cooking process. If you know exactly what you need, there will be no more mad dashes to the grocery store to pick up cinnamon.

Buy a Slow-Cooker

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If you don’t already have one, a slow-cooker is well worth the investment because it will enable you to start your evening meal early in the morning. After a few minutes prep, you can put your ingredients in the slow-cooker, where it will bubble away all day until you’re ready to eat it, which means you won’t have to worry about cooking when you’ve just got home from work!

Invest in a Pressure Cooker

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A good stainless steel pressure cooker is a great time saver, especially if your family eats a lot of beans and pulses. You can cook a range of things, including aforementioned beans and pulse, but also soups, stews, potatoes and much more, in a fraction of the time it would take you using other appliances.

Cook in Bulk

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If you really find it hard to fit in the time to cook a family meal each day, why not choose one day (Sunday is good) to batch cook and freeze enough meals to feed you every night for a week. Soups, stews, rice, veggies, can all be cooked and frozen to eat at a later date, and it’ll take you much less time to cook huge batches than it will to start from scratch each day.

Seek Out Simple recipes

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There are literally thousands of recipes freely available, so why not take advantage of this by seeking out some simple one-pot, quick cook or low ingredient meals. The simpler a recipe is, the less time it will take to cook and the more time you can spend playing with the kiddos or relaxing.

Clean as You Go

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If you feel like you’re always chained to the kitchen sink after a good family meal, it’s time to try a new system. Instead of letting your dishes stack up, as soon as you start cooking, fill the sink with water and dish soap, and make an effort to clean pots and pans as you go along. It won’t feel like so much of a chore that way!

This is a collaborative post written by a contributing writer. 

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