Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Mom and Beauty Picks

So everyone is putting in their top picks for beauty products... but I'm going do something just a little bit different and also include some mommy/ baby products.  Here are my top picks of 2013!

Beauty Pick #1

The Luna Mini

This handy little scrubber has changed the look and feel of my skin.  It hasn't eliminated breakouts, but it's definitely made my skin a lot more manageable. I received this product through BzzAgent at a severely discounted price. Retails for $139. 

Mommy Pick #1

Fisher Price My Little Lamb Cradle N' Swing

My son slept ONLY in this swing for months.  It was a lifesaver.


Beauty Pick #2

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner

I am so impressed by this conditioner.  It's relatively affordable, easily available, thick, and leaves my hair so soft.

Mommy Pick #2

Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag

I have 4 diaper bags. The Petunia Pickle Bottom one is wonderful, but too big for every day quick trips.  I was tired of feeling like I had a such a HUGE bag with not a HUGE amount of stuff in it. I also could never find anything in my daily messenger style diaper bag.  So for Christmas my son got me [ ;o) ] the Skip Hop Versa Bag.  This bag is so versatile. It looks like a purse, can unzip in the middle to expand, can be worn over the shoulder OR adjusted to be worn cross-body, has multiple zippered compartment so stuff doesn't spill out in the middle of the store,  AND it has huge thermal pockets for bottles right in the front so I no longer have to carry around a separate bottle bag.  Plus the interior is a bright color so I can always find what I'm looking for. I LOVE this bag.

Beauty Pick #3

Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting Night Moisturizer

I saw a change in my skin just a few days after using this moisturizer.  It makes my skin more radiant and even cuts down on breakouts. 

Mommy Pick #3

Robopax DreamMover

I am so surprised this nifty product isn't more popular.  It moves back and forth rocking your baby in a stroller, bassinet, or infant seat.  Available on Amazon.com

Beauty Pick #4

Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeliner

I know everyone raves over the Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette.  But I think their eyeliner really deserves the spotlit.  Urban Decay eyeliner in general is awesome.  It has replaced MAC as my favorite.  It's smooth, creamy, and stays all day without getting messy.  I love the colors in the Naked 3 Eyeliner - they make my eyes pop.

Mommy Pick #4

 Joovy Room2

As my son has grown, this has become more and more useful.  Especially when my husband is at work and it's just me and baby boy at home.  Unlike the pack n' plays, this play yard actually provides enough room for a big baby to play. 

Beauty Pick #5

The Balm Nude 'Tude Palette

For anyone who thinks Urban Decay's Naked Palette is a little overpriced (this girl,) The Balm's Nude 'Tude Palette is the answer.  It comes in both a "Nice" palette and a "Naughty" palette (pictured above), but both contain the same color eyeshadows.

Mommy Pick #5

Fisher Price Laugh N Learn Jumperoo

Before my son was able to move around on his own, this jumperoo helped him learn how to maneuver on his own and gave him an outlet for his energy.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jolly VoxBox Review

Watch the video below for my Jolly VoxBox Review from Influenster. 

Join Influenster to receive free products - www.influenster.com

Friday, December 13, 2013

Mommy Problems

This is about to be a serious mommy post.  Are you all ready?  Here it goes.  I'm actually not really sure how to start this post.  So I'll just ramble for a little bit.

I'm sure every mom feels the same mix of feelings. My world is a constant balancing act.  For example, I've already had to stop writing this post 6 times to calm my baby boy, switch out the laundry, and put bottles away.  During the course of writing this post I also tripped over the baby gate (broke it) and am hoping I didn't gain any real injuries while wrapping an ice pack around my side.

Don't get me wrong, I know I have it good. I'm a stay at home mom, who has managed to start a career as a freelance writer in less than a year, with a hard working husband, and an amazingly loving and supportive family.  At times I feel like I'm "queen of the world" and can do anything and everything. Other times I feel like I need to do more, that I'm not doing enough or I'm not doing anything well.

It's the mommy guilt that comes with being pulled in a million directions ALL OF THE TIME. It doesn't help that deep down I'm a perfectionist. Not in the way that most are. Not in the everything has to be in its place, every material object has to be sparkling way. But in the sense that everything I do, everything I work at, everything I put my time into needs to be done perfectly. I need to do a perfect job. Which is completely unrealistic and unfair. I know I shouldn't put that pressure myself but I think it's something most moms and women feel.

And even though logically I know I should give myself a break, that as my husband tells me, I do my best and that's all anyone can do, the yucky feeling still comes over me at times.  I get down on myself.  I know it will eventually pass and I just keep trucking, but I wonder if there will ever be a time when I will no longer have the yuckiness wash over me. 
From what I've heard from other moms... It's a constant battle. If you feel like you're a great employee, you feel like a not so great mom. If you feel like a great mom, you feel you should be a better wife or friend. 

It's illogical, yes.  But not uncommon. No wonder women get the reputation of being insanely emotional! 

I'm hoping that with time I will discover ways to beat the mommy guilt. And once I do, I will be sure to share it with you all. But until then... Here are some helpful links.

My favorite since it's both amusing and relate-able -
Parenting.com's 31 Reasons You Shouldn't Feel Mom Guilt 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sephora Holiday Collections

Ohhh Sephora... How you tempt me with every ad you send out.  LOVE this store and love the deals they have!  I've become addicted to their sales and their Beauty Insider deals.  But their Holiday Collections are beyond amazing.  You get high quality products for a great price.

The first gift set I saw upon opening my package from Sephora's PR was breathtaking.  The Marchesa Gift Set is beyond gorgeous! Just look at that perfume bottle!  I opened it right away and took a whiff. Beautifully feminine, floral, and sweet, I have worn this perfume every day since receiving it.  It's not overpowering but definitely gets noticed.

Keeping my perfume obsession going, I also received the Fragrance Sampler For Her.  Now I've already shown you all my makeup bag full of deluxe perfume samples, so you know I was thrilled with this set.  It contains 14 deluxe samples of women's fragrance.  My favorites in this set are Bright Crystal by Versace, Couture La La by Juicy Couture, and Light Blue by Dolce&Gabbana.  But honestly, there wasn't a scent that I didn't like.  And as a bonus, this gift set also comes with a completely adorable beauty clutch.  In my opinion, the clutch is pretty enough to be used as a clutch to take on a night out.

A more recent interest of mine is experimenting with different nail colors.  For years I've worn the same shades of pinks and reds.  Not anymore.  Now I'm trying a little bit of everything.  And finding new loves! When I saw Sephora's The Twenty-Two - Formula X included in my package I was a very happy girl.  This set contains 22 mini nail lacquers in a variety of colors.  There's glitter, pastels, brights, and metallics.  These lacquers offer smooth, streak-free application and long lasting vibrant color.

If you're more of a lipstick junkie, don't worry.  Sephora has something for you too!  Kat Von D's Spellbinding Lipstick Set is the perfect gift for any lipstick fanatic.  This set contains 10 mini lipsticks.  Providing long-wear and rich pigment, these lipsticks range from bright to neutral.  There is definitely something for everyone in this set, as well as, something for every occasion.

Now to my FAVORITE of what I received, Sephora's MicroSmooth Baked Winter Wonderland Collection.  The main reason this is my favorite?  It pretty much has everything you need.  This set includes 15 eye shadows, 2 blushes, 2 bronzers, and a luminizer.  Best of all this set is free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.  The eye shadows have great pigmentation and last all day. The luminizer adds a little bit of a glow to my skin and is perfect for those days when I need a little something extra..

15 eye  shadows just not enough for you? Want every possible color of eyeshadow?  Yep, they've got that too.  Sephora's Color Anthology contains 70, yes 70, eye shadows.  What I like about this set is the way the shadows are arranged.  Colors that easily blend and flow are sorted by row.  Taking a lot of the guess work out of trying to create the perfect eye look.  The set includes bright, neutral, smokey, romantic, matte, and glittery looks.  Any look can be achieved using this palette.

Don't have to tools to apply all of these makeup goodies?  No problem! Sephora has that covered too.  The Holiday Light Show Brush Set is definitely the most stunning brush set I've ever seen.  Not only that, they are EXTREMELY soft and high quality brushes (no shedding.)  I love that this set comes with a brush stand, making it easy to organize (and prevent a scatterbrained mom from losing) the brushes.  I have a few (ok, several) brush sets and this one by far provides the most flawless look.  They are comfortable to use and make applying and blending a snap. 

So there you have it.  Sephora has everything and anything you could ever need or want beauty related.  The store is pretty much every beauty queen's dream come true.  Don't miss out on the great deals this Holiday Season.  You'll definitely get more than your money's worth with these sets. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Flower Beauty Giveaway

This is very much overdue.  But it is finally here! A Holiday Giveaway!  And you can thank Flower Beauty's PR team!  I received several products for review and decided to share the wealth. 

First up, Flower's Kiss Stick.  This lipstick is GORGEOUS. It definitely provides high shine as promised. It also lasts a pretty decent amount of time.  Especially for the price!  Plus I love the colors they come in.  The most beautiful pinks and neutrals.

Next we have... nail lacquer!  I've been getting into nail color again and experimenting with different neutrals other than the typical ballet slipper pink.  Flower's Nail'd It in "Go With The Fow-Er" was perfect.  It's a cream/slightly tan color that I was unsure of... until I saw it on a friend.  It's a very subtle neutral that achieves a very classy, polished look without being typical.

My favorite out of these three products has to be the Eye Shadow Chubby.  This stick is not only mess-free, but also provides a build-able application.  Giving you more control over your look.  The texture is that of a cream shadow and has extreme staying power.  I mean it, this product stayed put all day.  I even used a liner brush and applied this product as an eyeliner.  It was not only easy, but looked great. 

So what is the giveaway already?  One lucky winner will receive 4 eyeshadow chubby's.  Colors are "Olive My Love," "Daffodil With It," "Dark Side of the Blue," and "Keep Your Pansies On!" (All of the colors in the picture above except for the light blue in the middle.)   To enter "LIKE" the GIVEAWAY POST pinned to the top of the Mommy Diaries (Of a Florida Mom) Facebook Page.  Giveaway closes 11pm EST on 12/13.  Good Luck!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Beauty Products of the week, Clinique, and eye problems

This post is a little late... but I will make up for it... a giveaway is coming up!  Watch the video below for the beauty picks of the week, Clinique review, and a little explanation as to why I'm not wearing eye makeup in the video below.

Giveaway will be in the next post!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Guilty Pleasures

We all have them... Things we LOVE that we know we really shouldn't. But you know what? I'm not hiding mine anymore! I'm about to spill some of my GP's (yeah, I just abbreviated it) and maybe... Just maybe...you'll find one on this list that's also yours.

1. It's kind of like eating Reese's... Right?

I have MANY food guilty pleasures and I openly indulge most of them in front of others. There is one, however, that only those close to me have seen. Ready for it? Peanut Butter (JIF - straight out of the jar) and Hershey's chocolate syrup. Together. I take a spoonful of peanut butter out of the jar, drizzle some chocolate syrup on that spoonful, eat, and repeat. Now before anyone gets upset about me contaminating the jar - I'm the only one in my house that eats peanut butter anyway.

2. A cray face

So I know how to do my makeup and usually stick to the same few looks... But when no one is home and I have some time to myself I sometimes go crazy with makeup. I put on a ton of bright colors I normally wouldn't wear or do heavy liner and shadow from my brows all the way down past my under eye. For some reason I just have so much fun doing it. It actually feels a bit freeing. Most of the time I end up putting a smile on my face and laughing at how ridiculous I look. But a few times I inadvertently discovered looks that I like. For example, my love for plum, bronze, and aqua eyeliners all came from one of these silly experiments.

3. I Keep Up... Religiously

I've already let this guilty pleasure out of the bag... But I didn't go into detail about it. I l-o-v-e Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I've seen every episode. I DVR it and I get excited for new episodes. I am currently impatiently waiting for season 9 to start. I know, it's shameful to admit, but there it is. I have noticed a lot of ladiesI know are suddenly admitting to watching this show since the Jenner boys have become cast regulars. I can't blame them. It doesn't hurt to look at Brody...I'm just sayin'...

Brody Jenner

Brandon and Leah Jenner

4. Hasn't That Show Been Off The Air... For 6 Years?

While we're on the subject if TV shows... I STILL DVR Gilmore Girls.  Even though I've seen the entire series countless times.  I'm at the point where I can anticipate what the next episode will be.  My husband doesn't understand why I continue to not only watch these reruns, but record them.  There is just something about this show that I find so comforting.  I couldn't tell you specifically what it is, but there is nothing like sitting down with a giant cup of coffee and watching an episode filled with the adventures of Lorelei and Rory. 

5.  A Little Worn... Or Just Right?

I only realized this GP a couple of years ago when I bought my "new" car.  It was "pre-owned" but in great condition and pretty much felt like new.  I liked the car and was happy with my purchase, but I all I really wanted was my old car back (my old car died so that wasn't happening.)  The "new" car didn't feel like mine.  It felt too clean, too perfect.  I LIKE it when my car is worn.  I LIKE a couple of dings. I know this one is odd, but to me a car is something functional.  Something to get me around.  I don't like have to feel like it's another item I have to worry about looking pretty all of the time.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Dreams For A Beauty Queen

So Black Friday is here.  And while I usually partake in the shopping madness, this year I decided to stay home and snuggle with my little one instead.

The truth is, I do about 95% of my shopping online now. And with Amazon Prime and all of the coupon sites/newsletters I'm signed up with, I get really great deals throughout the entire year.

But there are some awesome specials out there for all of you beauty queens!

Both Sephora and Ulta have amazing sales going on.  Sephora has their "$10 Dealtopia" which includes collections by Tarte, Too Faced, Bliss, Clean,  Buxom, Stila, and more for just $10 each.  Ulta has many of their own collection on sale (including a makeup set with over 75 items for $16.99) and Urban Decay has a lippy set with 6 lipsticks for $50.  

And my favorite deal that I've found is 40%  off of the Limited Edition Gold Glossybox.  Making it just $30 for products with a combined value of over $150.  At checkout enter the code "GOLD40" to get 40% off!

I personally am holding out to see what the deals will be for Cyber Monday. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend!

Monday, November 25, 2013

MAC Cosmetics Divine Night - Holiday 2013

In my heart, MAC remains number one when it comes to makeup.  They continue to be my go-to for anything and everything makeup related.   I am always grateful and thankful for any products I receive to review, but I get especially excited when the lovely PR ladies at MAC take the time out of their day to send product my way.

This time I received a few products from their 2013 Holiday Line, named Divine Night.  While most other cosmetic companies are coming out with the typical super dark color palette filled with grays and browns, MAC has taken a different and much more pleasing route.  Their holiday color palettes consist of expert combinations of dark and bright colors, making it impossible for anyone to resist taking a peek at these products.

Divine Night Mineralize Eye Shadow
in "Past Midnight"
Living in Florida, I always felt the grays, blacks, and browns that often accompany fall and winter put a depressing, drab spin on my beauty routine.  However, using super bright colors alone always seemed out of place with the cooler weather.  MAC has solved this issue with the"Divine Night" product line. Bye-bye drab and depressing, hello beautifully bright - yet seasonally appropriate - looks.

The Divine Night Mineralize Eye Shadow is a perfect example of the dark and bright pairing.  These eye shadows are two colors in one.  You can either use each color separately or blend them together.   "Past Midnight" is a gorgeous, rich, dark, yet not dreary, purple with a light violet/pink shade.  I love the use of these rich colors in the winter.  Like all MAC eyeshadow, the pigmentation is excellent, the product goes on smooth, and stays all day.  I have used the colors together and on their own.  I love each color but especially like the blended look.  My eyes really popped with this shadow and the composite of the dark and light made it look like I had spent much more time on my makeup than I had.

Divine Night Fluidline in
"Deliciously Rich"
One item I was actually nervous about was the Divine Night Fluidline.  Yes, I LOVE eye makeup.  However, I am not one with a steady hand.  Meaning, liquid liners are often very challenging for me.  When I opened my fluidline eye-liner gel  I was so taken with the color ( "Deliciously Rich") that I had to at least TRY to learn how to apply this stunning product.  I dipped my eyeliner brush and cautiously applied.  Surprisingly, it was pretty easy to use.  Much different than the typical liquid liner, this gel stays put and doesn't smear all over when applying.  The color was right up my alley.  I'm a huge fan of bronze eye makeup (brings out the green in my eyes, without being harsh against my skin tone)  and this gel liner is one of the prettiest bronzes I've seen in a long time.  It's dark and does have a bit of a tarnished feel to it, but is still a "stand-out" color with lots of sparkle.  I will definitely purchase more of the fluidline products now that I am no longer intimidated by them.

Divine Night Kohl Power Eye Pencil
in "Mystery"
 One item that I am much more familiar with is MAC's Eye Kohl.  In fact, it is my favorite eye lining product. Ever. ("Teddy" is my favorite shade.)   The Divine Night Kohl Power Eye Pencils have the creamy, smooth texture I expected, but the color blew me away.  And I already have pretty high expectations when it comes to these superb pencils.  Mystery, an opulent forest green, is perfect for Christmas.  The color was so rich, so dazzling, I couldn't help but wear it for the rest of the day.  This splendid green did not fade or smudge all day.  And that's a day filled with running around, chasing a near 1 year old.   If you are one who sticks with black or brown eye liner, I would definitely suggest using this pencil to mix it up for the holidays. It's luxurious look will change your way of thinking when it comes to eye liner.

Divine Night Mineralize Skinfinish
in "Perfectly Poised"
But what is a striking eye without flawless skin? I'm not one to wear foundation every day, but I do like to put on something to even out my skin tone before leaving the house.  Divine Night Mineralize Skinfinish is definitely a great product for this purpose.  This powder can be used all over the face to give the look of smooth, bright skin or it can be used on cheeks as a highlighter.  I used "Perfectly Poised" and it gave my skin a warm glow.  Definitely a quick fix for me when I'm trying to just get my family out the door in a hurry.

Divine Night Cremeshine Glass
in "Private Party"
Now to complete the look...the lips.  This season plum lips have exploded onto the scene.  No matter where I turn celebrities, models, magazines, it seems like everyone is trying the plum look.  The Divine Night Cremesheen Glass in "Private Party" captures the beauty of plum perfectly.  I usually don't wear dark lip color because I feel it washes me out, but this did not.  It's dark, yet luminous. Above all it's creamy, non-sticky, and super glossy. 

And there you have it, an exemplary holiday look using the Divine Night line.  There are numerous other products in this line to add to your look including blush, nail laquer, lipstick, and mascara.  If you're wanting to change up your look, but are afraid to go out of your comfort zone, I would definitely suggest this line.  You will get quality products that are easy to apply, trendy, and give you a fresh take without being scary or difficult.  Once again, MAC proves to be a foolproof choice.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bad Beauty Confessions

I've  decided to confess my worst crimes against beauty, in the name of beauty.  Let me explain.  We've all done things in our past to get "the look." You know, what was considered pretty, cute, hot, sexy, trendy, at the time.  Usually, this happens when we're younger and have sort of an invincible feeling.  I am no exception.  All of the following happened when I was between the ages of 16 and 20.  During this time, the pop princesses were the standard of "young/teen beauty."  So what did that mean? Super tan, super blonde, and super dark eye makeup.  Take a look.

Teenage me fed into the media. And like many others, tried to achieve the tan, platinum blonde look.  To do so... I broke some very important beauty rules... here are my confessions...

1. I've never done tanning beds but this may be worse...

I used olive oil.  Yep... you read right.  This one I regret the most.  I am naturally very fair skinned.  But being "pale" was not attractive. At least not by the above standards.  I refused to tan in tanning beds... mostly because I thought they were gross and I refused to pay for something that was naturally free in sunny Florida.  Tanning oils didn't do much for me (this was before I was introduced to No-Ad.)  So... I used to use this

 to tan.  Just sprayed it on before I went out by the pool... and then literally baked my skin.  Of course now I regret this.  Who knows what damage I have done to my skin.  I constantly check for any signs of skin cancer knowing that I definitely increased my chances.

2. Who needs eyeliner?

This one ISN'T as bad as the olive oil.  It's more of a silly confession.  Like most girls, I learned about makeup from my mom. And by the time I was 17, she had done a pretty good job of teaching me "less is more."  However, I longed for the sultry eyes of the pop divas.  My problem? My mom doesn't wear eyeliner. At all. I mean... she doesn't own any.   So one night I decided I couldn't wait any longer and I wanted to try to achieve the look right away! Even if I didn't have eyeliner on hand.  What did I use?  Eye shadow. I used the eye shadow applicator that came with my Cover Girl eye shadow and carefully lined my waterline.  I then wet the shadow and lined the top of my lid close to my lash line. I got so many compliments on the look, I continued to do it for months before I finally bought eyeliner. Now I'm sure it's not terrible for your eyes, but I definitely wouldn't recommend using eye shadow as eyeliner for your waterline on the regular.  It's tends to irritate the eye. Not to mention being way more time consuming.

3. John Frida...whhyyyy

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you have heard me mention a certain [now discontinued] John Frida product that I had an awful experience with. I'm about to reveal what that product was. BUT I will admit that my overuse was part of the problem.  I wanted my medium blonde hair to be SUPER blonde.  But my mom discouraged me coloring my hair. And so did some of my friends.  So I started using products in the John Frida "Beach Blonde" line.  I believe the entire line is now discontinued. First I used a gel that contained lemon.  Not seeing much result I moved to the next John Frida product.  John Frida's Beach Blonde Sun Streaks (pictured below). Like Sun-In and the John Frida Go Blonder spray, it used peroxide and heat to lighten hair.  The difference - it had the texture of hair gel.  And would stick and stay in your hair. And didn't really dry. It was advertised as "gentle" but definitely was not.
I started seeing results very quickly.  My hair quickly became SUPER blonde (see below).

 But also super damaged.  And started breaking off an inch from the root. I had to use different Redken serums to disguise the damage and prevent anymore from happening.  It was the worst experience I have had with a hair care product to this day. BUT I do recognize I used the product more often than I should have and I'm now very careful when using my Sun-In.

4. Oxy masks

This is another one that isn't AS BAD compared to the rest...but I'm sure it wasn't great for my skin. At the very least it was a harsh "treatment." Remember oxy spot treatment? You know... the product for acne that you're supposed to put on a blemish. I put it on my entire face. Overnight. To PREVENT breakouts. Not to treat them. My poor face. I learned to stop once my face became stiff, red, and dry.
5.  Oily skin is enough...

My skin was oily in my teen years. Not noticeably. But definitely not the combination skin I have now. Because of this, I didn't use any moisturizer. At all. Yep. I used harsh acne treatments without replacing the moisture, causing my skin to become irritated and produce even more oil. Causing more breakouts. I now know better. And am happy to be done with all of these horrible habits!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eye Popping Tips from Bobbie Thomas

Beauty and style expert Bobbie Thomas has some great tips when it comes to eye makeup.  And since the holidays are just around the corner - and we all want to look amazing for those holiday photos - I thought I'd share Bobbie's tips and trick with you all.

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November Ipsy Review AND an Addiction


If you've been watching my Ipsy reviews you know I was really disappointed with September's and October's bags.  To the point where cancelling had crossed my mind.  So... did this month's bag redeem Ipsy?  Find out in the video below.

What was in my bag

All Products Offered

And now.... to my beauty find of the week...and my confession


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Holiday Postings Are Beginning!

Maybe it's because it seems like everyone is already decorating for Christmas, or maybe it's because it actually was below 70 degrees today... either way, I've decided it time to start the Holiday postings.

From now until Christmas I will be posting holiday themed beauty gifts.

First up is one of my favorite makeup brands for moms - Mally!  First off, if you haven't tried their mascara, try it. I get compliments EVERY time I wear it.

One of the things I love about Mally is their packaging.  It's pretty enough to put a bow on and gift!  Got to love the thought that goes into it.

And now to the goodies!

High Shine 5pc. Carry On Collection ($27.50):

Give the gift of a perfect pout with these long-lasting High Shine Liquid Lipsticks (that are in a unique carry-on size) in a decorative gift box. Each Liquid Lipstick goes on silky smooth and delivers beautiful opaque lip color with the shimmering shine of a gloss. With five High Shine Liquid Lipsticks, in every on trend shade, featuring the new shade, Berrylish, it’s the best of both worlds.

5pc. Evercolor Shadow Stick Collection ($35.00):
Mally’s beloved Evercolor Shadow Sticks in five fun and sophisticated shades make the ideal holiday gift for all your girlfriends. These triple threat Shadow Sticks deliver a long wear primer, blendable eyeshadow, and dramatic eyeliner in one. Kit includes five Evercolor Shadow Sticks including the newest shade Cobalt, in a custom gift box.


 High Shine Liquid Lipstick 6pc. Collection ($50.00): 

For the girl on the go, this six piece High Shine Liquid Lipstick Collection will deliver maximum holiday cheer. This award winning lip color delivers a super-shiny, glossy finish with the perfect amount of color that lasts all day, no need to reapply. This set includes six full size High Shine Liquid Lipsticks in their very own gift box.

5pc. Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner Collection ($27.50):

This easy stocking stuffer will put a twinkle in the eye of any glamour girl. The deluxe five piece collection features Mally’s award-winning formula that glides on effortlessly, with no dragging, and lasts all day. Each set includes five vibrant Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliners in of-the-moment new shades, and a new shade – Cobalt - a convenient sharpener, plus a chic collectable gift box.

And for those of you looking to have it all...

Must Have Holiday Mega Kit Collection ($220):

Perfect for the Mally enthusiast or for splitting up and gifting throughout the holiday season, this full-out, professional grade kit comes in a beautiful overnight travel bag embellished with studs to match the Mally holiday collection. From full size lip gloss to face primer, this Mega Kit includes every step of a gorgois beauty routine.

Merry Mally Mega Kit ($750, valued at $1,300):

This kit is Mally’s ultimate indulgence present for makeup lovers. With everything you need to create hot off the runway, bulletproof looks—from a super fierce smoky eye to a super easy five-minute face—this deluxe Mega Kit is the ticket to next level makeup. This sensational set includes 8 High Shine Liquid Lipsticks, 10 Evercolor Shadow Sticks, 7 Evercolor Starlight Eyeliners, 7 Ultimate Eyeliners, Shadow Base Duo, 24/7 Blush with double ended brush, 24/7 Illuminating Blush with double ended brush, Mattewand, Lightwand, Travel Face Defender with Puff, Finish Line Luminizer, Eye Primer with brush, Perfect Prep Poreless Primer with SPF 15, Hydrating Eye Gel with applicator, 2 Volumizing Waterproof Mascaras, 2 Brow Fix, 2 Brow Gels, blush brush, powder brush, round blender brush, crease brush, smudger brush, Ultimate Performance sponge, Mally tweezers, and dual sharpener and comes in one amazois travel case.

  All are available at QVC and QVC.com