Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Worry Wart? No, a Mother.

I've always been told that once you become a mother...you worry 10 times more than you used to.  I always knew this was probably true but I never realized HOW true until my son was born.

My worries have gone from "I hope I did well on that project at work" and "I hope I don't embarrass myself today" to "I hope my son has a great experience when it comes to going to school" and "I hope my child will be safe when at school."  With all of the tragic occurrences happening these days, its hard not to worry about what the future will hold for our children.

Two major social issues affecting our children today are bullying and mental health.  I'm glad to see so many organizations bringing to light the terrors of bullying and that is not just "a normal thing" kids go through.  Growing up, I only remember bullying being talked after Columbine. It's sad that it takes such a tragedy to spark change.  Below is a link posted by Kristen Bell that I love!

Another issue that I really think needs a lot more attention is the issue of mental health.  Right now in our society there is a lot of shame associated with mental illness. And there really shouldn't be.  If something is wrong with your heart, you go to the doctor, right?  You take medication daily, right? So why do we treat an illness in the brain so differently?  You go to a doctor, you take medication daily.  You continue to follow up.  It's a medical condition that no one chooses to have.  People suffering from mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are not "crazy". They are ill and in need of treatment.  I also think many people are just not educated in knowing the symptoms of mental illnesses. Also mental health is often left out of insurance plans.  Again, here is an issue of health that is being treated differently than the rest of our health.  And there is no reason why mental health should be left out of any medical health plan.

We are now seeing the more we ignore mental health and shun those with mental illnesses instead of helping them... The more senseless, tragic events occur.  Our societies philosophy is "I don't know them... they're not my family/friend... not my problem".  And THAT needs to change.  We need to care about the well being of others simply because we are all human. And we all share this world together.   Because of our society's attitude towards mental illness/health "Too many Americans who struggle with mental illness suffer in silence rather than seek help".  Let's change that.  If not for those who you don't know, then for our children.  They deserve a world where they are safe at school or at the movies.  They deserve a world where they don't have to be afraid to express that they need help.  They deserve a world where people are tolerant, listen, understand and step in to help.


  1. You're right. Mental illness treatment, or lack thereof, is a big problem here. This hits really close to home, my mom has mental illnesses and disabilities that were not properly diagnosed until 2011 when she was over the age of 50. During her life, she had been treated and seen by various doctors for a variety of things, focusing on her physical health; she clearly had mental/developmental issues and yet she never got proper diagnosis or treatment until recently. It's amazing now how much the proper treatment plan has helped her, she's really like a completely new person.

  2. There is such a stigma attached to mental illness and there really shouldn't be. I'm glad your mom got the treatment she needed and is doing better!