Saturday, June 29, 2013

For the Soon-to-be Mommies and the Super Mommies

So as most of (probably all of) you mommies and soon to be mommies know... once mommyhood comes so does the advice.  Whether it was asked for or not.  We're all just trying to pass on the things we've learned.  And help our fellow moms. Because, hey, it's not easy! So we got to stick together and support each other.  But it's important to listen to your intuition as to what advice you should take and what you should leave behind with a smile.

Here are some of the pieces of advice that I received and think are worth passing on.

For First Time Mommies to Be

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1. Enjoy some me time. Take a day (or a few) to do whatever you want.  Whether it be sleeping in and reading a book, going shopping, or having some spa time.

2.  Spend time alone with your significant other. Go on dinner dates, go see the movies you want to see, spend the morning lounging in bed and talking. If you're feeling up to it, go on a "babymoon" trip together.  Your lives (and relationship) will change after the baby is born.  Relish in this time you have together.

3  Be spontaneous. Get up and go without a plan. It will be awhile before you are able to do this again.

4.  See/go out with all of your friends as much as you can.  It's hard to get out to see friends with a new baby at home. Enjoy this time socializing and enjoy their company.

5. Stay up late and sleep in late. This is one of the luxuries I really miss. My sleep now is interrupted often so I sleep when I can.  Getting to CHOOSE when I sleep. Wow. I can't even remember what that's like.

6.  Get excited for your baby.  I know once the third trimester hits a lot of emotions hit as well.  Giving birth is a big deal.  But it's not as scary as I imagined it.  I didn't take birthing classes but my body seemed to know what to do.  And I knew when it was time.  Plus I had great doctors and nurses there to encourage me and reassure me. Of course, I received an epidural. So the last few hours before my son came were actually very relaxing.  Laying in a bed, with my husband next to me, and family visiting.

7. Listen to your intuition. Don't ignore your gut.  I firmly believe that our "animal instinct" is still very much intact.

8. Know that a whole lot of pure, unconditional love is about to enter your life. And though it will be difficult, it will also be the biggest joy you've ever felt.

For Super Mommies

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1. We want to do it all...but it's ok to ask for help. When my son was first born I almost ran myself into the ground trying to be the perfect mom and the perfect housewife. You have to take care of you so you are able to take care of your baby.  Don't put so much pressure on yourself.

2,  I have a hard time with this one.  Have some time away from your child. Just a few hours here and there to be YOU.  A lot of women lose their identity once they have children and then are faced with an identity crisis once their children are grown.  Don't forget or leave behind your interests or the things that make you, you.

3.  This one actually comes from my mom.  No one, absolutely no one, will be able to care for your child the way you do.  But it doesn't mean they can't take care of them when you need a little break.

4.  Allow Daddy to have one on one time with your child/children.  It's important they are comfortable around each other even when you're not there. And it's important for them to have their own bond.

5.  Have "adventures" together as a family. Whether it's just going to the store, or visiting a new park, build the sentiment of the family unit.

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