Monday, June 24, 2013

Shopping Mommy

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So I’ve had a rough time finding stores that have great prices and clothing for...well… women older than 18. Sometimes I can find appropriate, cute tops at Forever 21, but it’s always a task. Target used to be a go-to, however they have drastically increased their prices over the years (Who do you think you are Target?!) I usually shop their clearance section online now. Here are a few of the online stores I have found that have great prices and some cute clothing for women.
Notice I put “.com” The Walmarts by me rarely have cute adult clothing in stores. But you can find some pretty nice things at unbelievable prices online. I even bought some of my maternity clothes here. The quality isn’t high-end but it isn’t bad either  
JCPenny has really great prices now. However, I must disclose, those prices come with another cost; time. I order a bunch of things from JCPenny that were listed as “in stock” online at the time of purchase. A day later I received an email apologizing saying all of the items I ordered were back-ordered and wouldn’t be in stock for a couple of weeks. About a week later I received another email pushing the date even further back. Finally I received an email saying my items had shipped, but a few of my items were canceled because they will not be getting them back in stock. It took over a month from the time I ordered for me to receive my shipment. I checked out some forums and apparently this isn’t uncommon. So if you need an outfit or article of clothing by a certain date, I would not recommend getting it from JCPenny online.

Thimble and Thorn  
Great prices on boho dresses

Urban Planet 
Cute Midi and Maxi Dresses, graphic tees

My Hot Shoes 

Mod Deals 
They do have teen-geared clothing but there are dresses, shoes, shorts, skirts, jeans and cardigans that may be appropriate for non-teens.

Shopping for Baby

I try to pick up what I can at garage sales or stores like Once Upon A Child that sell gently used baby items. There are also groups on Social Networks (ahem, Facebook)  for moms looking to buy/sell used baby items. I also use Target’s clearance section when they have things I need.

It seems like Carter's online store is ALWAYS having some kind of sale. They have great deals and quality clothing

Crazy 8
Crazy 8 (by the same makers of Gymboree and Janie & Jack) has some cute, high quality clothing for very low prices.

I normally shop Amazon for toys, infant seats, bottles, etc. I’m an “Amazon Mom” and receive free 2 day shipping so it ends up being a great deal.

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