Saturday, July 6, 2013

5 Products That Make My Life Easier

Last night, as I sat down to write my shopping list, I realized most of my "need to get" items are simply items I use because of their convenience.  And it got me thinking... how many of the products that I "have to have" I simply have to have because they make my life just a little bit easier.  Here are the top 5.

1. Keurig Coffee Maker & K Cups
Since my husband and I like different types of coffee and often drink our coffee at very different times, making coffee with a conventional coffee maker is a bit much for one cup for one person. In comes the Keurig.  We actually have 2 Keurigs and they both are used daily.

2.  Dish Detergent Tablets
Pop them into the dish washer and done.  This saves a total of 3 seconds but for some reason it seems like it's so much easier to me.

3. Aluminum Foil
I used aluminum foil to cover cookie sheets when cooking/baking so that I have less clean up. Thats pretty much the only reason I buy it.

4.  Bottle Warmer
I could just warm a bottle the old fashion way... instead I have a bottle warmer. Put the bottle in, add some water, press the button and done. It even tells you how much water to put in for different amounts of formula.

5.   Diaper Trash Bags
I don't have to tie theses up. They simply snap together.

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