Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fun Beauty/Fashion Looks I Love

Although I don't always have time to put into these fashion/beauty looks, I still LOVE them! Check out a short list of a few of the looks I can't get enough of!

1. Colored Eyeliner
Yes black and brown go with everything.  But if you're feeling adventurous and your REALLY want to make your eyes POP use colored eyeliner. Milani makes some of the best!

2. Curls Curls Curls
Maybe it's because my hair is naturally pin straight... but I love curls!
3. Black/Dark Nail Polish
If done right, there is something very elegant but edgy about dark nail polish.  Just be careful because done wrong could give an unintended goth look.

4. Sultry eye makeup, Nude Lip
Having both your eyes and lips fully glamorized is just too
much for me.  And I ALWAYS prefer eye makeup!

5. Wedges
Something about wedge shoes gives a very "I'm not trying to be sexy...but I am" vibe.  Just make sure they don't cross the line into "Hey... I need attention!"
6. Nude Nails
 In stark contrast to the dark nails, I also love the look of nude nails.  Not only are they just as classy, they are easier to maintain than dark nails (since chipping is way less obvious).

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