Monday, July 29, 2013

Get rid of those Monday Blues!

Did you feel it last night? That Sunday remorse? You know what I'm talking about.  You've eaten dinner, you're winding down for the night and it hits you..."Tomorrow is Monday... ugh."  Here are a few ways to beat those Monday Blues!

1.  Make Monday easier on Friday. 
Most people have a tendency to be... how do I say this? ...A little less productive on Fridays.  Resist that urge! Make sure you prepare for Monday on Friday.  Have a project or phone call you're dreading? Do not say "It can wait until Monday."  It's easier to get those difficult projects done once you're already into the week and in "the swing of things" work wise.  Monday is always somewhat of an adjustment period - getting back into your work day routine.  Get it done BEFORE the weekend so you can start off the next week with a clean slate. Finish as much as you can so you have less to..."look forward to" on Monday. 

2. Try to remember the things you really look forward to.
Even if it's little things, try to focus on what you LIKE about the upcoming day instead of the things you dislike.  Whether it's catching up with a coworker or eating some great food for lunch.

3. Create a "treat" in your Monday routine.
Allow yourself to have that specialty coffee or breakfast pastry, organize a weekly get together after work with friends, meet up with friends at your favorite restaurant for lunch, plan to see a movie with your SO, do SOMETHING that you know you will enjoy.  And plan to do it every Monday. This way Monday is about MORE than just getting up and going back to work.

4. Try to make others' Monday more enjoyable.
Bring in donuts for colleagues, help with a project, bring in coffee.  Putting those around you in a good mood will help you to keep your good mood.  It's contagious.

5. Try to stay positive.
Come on, let's be real.  It could be A LOT worse. Even if you don't enjoy your job, it's important to remember going to work is not the end of the world. Snap out of it and don't let yourself wallow over it.


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