Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mommy of an Allergy Kid

Motherhood is a little bit different when your child has severe allergies. When my son was born, there really wasn’t anything in any of my pregnancy books about dealing with an infant with severe allergies. So here’s a list items that may be helpful to other moms of allergy babies.

1. Recognizing the signs

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My son’s allergies went undetected for about 2 months. At 2 weeks old he started jolting and then screaming and crying in pain throughout the day and night. To my husband, my mom, and I, it was obvious he was in extreme pain and that he was not just being fussy. We took him to the pediatrician, he was put on Nutramigen but the symptoms continued. He was diagnosed with everything from colic to overeating. I kept taking him back to the pediatrician feeling deep down that something was still wrong. We were finally referred to a GI specialist.

2. Pediatric GI Specialist
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If your child seems to have tummy trouble/pain and you still haven’t found relief, I cannot recommend going to a Pediatric GI Specialist enough. The Specialist will help you understand what exactly is going on, your options, what to expect in the future and what you will need to do differently than those who have children without GI issues (example, we must wait at least a full week in between introducing new foods to BB, instead of only a few days).

3. Elecare

Surprise mommies! Your baby can still react to Nutramigen. Mine did. I didn’t think it was a possibility since Nutramigen is a hypoallergenic formula. The GI doctor explained that Nutramigen contains proteins that are so broken down the body isn’t supposed to recognize them as dairy or soy. But in some cases, like my son’s, the body is so sensitive it still recognizes them. Elecare is the answer to that. It doesn’t contain any proteins. It’s contains amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. Therefore, there’s nothing to react to. We saw results within a couple of weeks of BB being on Elecare . The downside… the formula is about $35 a can and only sold online and in very select Walmart stores.

4. Breastfeeding
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I continued to breastfeed BB after we found out he was severely allergic. This meant I had to have a very restrictive diet. No dairy, eggs, coffee, citrus, chocolate, soy, acidic foods, gassy foods, etc. I ate a very lean, very difficult(and boring) diet but I was determined to make it at least a couple of months. The diet started affecting my own health and I eventually had to stop and feed him Elecare only.

5. Zantac, Biogaia, Gripe Water, Gas Drops

For months, BB took all of the above on a daily basis. We slowly weaned him off and he’s down to just the Zantac and Biogaia. Gas drops as needed.

Most importantly, if you feel something is wrong or off do not give up or give in and just hope things get better. Trust your gut.

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