Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Muscle Milk Light

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today I have a health product review. Muscle Milk Light. I LOVE this drink. So far, it's been the only protein/supplement shake I've gone out and bought consistently. Lately I've had trouble finding it in the store so CytoSport was kind enough to send me some!

There are a few big reasons why I love this drink.
1.  It's the best tasting low calorie protein drink I've had.  It doesn't taste exactly like chocolate milk so don't expect that, but it does have a nice chocolatey flavor without the vitamin/medicine aftertaste.
2.  It's low in calories with a significant amount of protein. For 100 calories it has 12g of protein.  Whenever I watch my weight or try to lose a little bit of weight, I substitute a snack with this shake. And the great thing is... I will not feel deprived.
3. It's not super expensive or exclusive to vitamin/health stores. I really don't have time to run around and make a bunch of different stops when running errands. This is especially difficult when I have my son with me. Muscle Milk is usually found in grocery stores or box stores like Walmart and Target (though it's been a little difficult to find here, but I think that may be a regional thing.)

Overall this product is great for a quick snack or a quick refuel. Tasty and satisfying, I have yet to find another protein shake that gets the job done like Muscle Milk Light. 

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