Saturday, July 27, 2013

Productive Nights

So, for those of you who don't know, my son is a night owl. No, really. He goes to bed around 1-2am (11:30pm if it's a really great night). I do everything in my power to try to get him to sleep for the night. And at times I'm successful... but an hour later he will wake up and I have to start all over.  After talking to both of his doctors... and both of them telling me there is nothing I can do, I've started to change my REACTION to his late night antics.


Instead of getting frustrated and staring at him trying to will him to sleep, or rocking him and singing to him while he laughs and kicks(or worse cries and pulls my hair), I now put him in his swing, put the tv on something calming, and put on his soundscapes CD and DO MY OWN THING while he relaxes.

You see, I used to just try the same things over and over to get him to sleep. And then get more and more frustrated when they didn't work. And I have a feeling that my frustration and being on the brink of tears only contributed to his fight against sleep.

Here are a few things I do to keep myself from getting frustrated and take my mind off the fact that we BOTH should be sleeping at these late hours.

1. Write blog posts.
Yeah it's 12:50am as I write this... though I won't post until later in the morning when others are actually awake.

2. Exercise tapes.
This is usually earlier in the night (meaning 9-10pm) when he is still in play mode and content in his play pen.  I do yoga like exercises. Not crazy sweat and tire yourself exercises.

3.  Clean and prepare for the next day
Make bottles, clean bottles, clean my son's room, fold laundry. The more I get done, the less frustrated I am with the late hour.

Image: MTV.Com
4.  Watch junk TV.
You know... the type of TV you're too embarrassed to watch around others - Or in my case- the shows my husband cannot sit through with me.  My list includes reruns of The Hills and Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

5. Facebook/Twitter 
 Yep. Usually twitter because I can read different fluff stories. This is when following Perez Hilton and TMZ comes in handy. You see, I don't want to read anything that I actually care about because I don't want to get worked up or upset. The idea is to stay CALM. 

6. Window Shop Online
This is pretty much just looking through a website, adding stuff to my cart, and then closing out of the window before I purchase anything. It's never a good idea to make purchases late at night.  Wait till the morning.

7. Cuddle with my son.
When all else fails I try to enjoy the alone time I have with my son.  I know too soon he will grow up and not want to hang out with his good ol' mom.  So I try to just take in and enjoy his company. If he's sleepy and playing with my necklace, I try to memorize the cute face he makes when he's oh-so focused. If he's babbling, I try to listen to every sound.  If he's smiling and playing, I think of how he seems to get so much joy out of the little things.

Now I am by no means immune to the frustration and bad moods this sleep schedule brings. I do have nights that are particularly horrible and I wonder how I'll ever get through it (but I do always get through it).  And nights that I sit with my head in my hands feeling powerless.  But for the most part I really try to make each moment productive and/or enjoyable. Because really, my son is the biggest blessing I've been given.


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