Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Savings for Mommies

There are SO many savings programs out there for Moms. Unfortunately, a lot of them aren't advertised or go unnoticed. Here are some rewards/savings/coupon programs I've found for moms (and non-moms too!)

 If you're pregnant, print this gift certificate out and bring it to the hospital when it's time to have baby. You'll get a kit full of free baby supplies. http://www.gerber.com/Sitter/Special_Offers/BackpackCert.aspx

Sign up at http://www.gerber.com/AllStages for savings. They send you coupons and $5 "Gerber Checks" good on formula and other Gerber products
Enfamil also has a similar program. Go to https://www.enfamil.com/app/iwp/ConsumerRegisterLoadConsentInfo.do to sign up and get a free kit with samples. (It's worth it just to get the bottle/food cooler.)

 Not to be left out, Similac/Abbott also has a sign up program for savings. You can find it here https://similac.com/registration 

Earth's Best Rewards Program http://www.earthsbest.com/content/earths-best-loyalty-program 

Beech Nut Newsletter and Coupons - http://www.beechnut.com/Special%20Offers/Enewsletter.asp 

Carter's Sign Up and Save - http://www.carters.com/ 

Justice Rewards Program- https://www.shopjustice.com/account/ 

Old Navy coupon codes posted - http://www.oldnavy.com/products/old-navy-coupons.jsp

Publix Baby Club. Publix sends you coupons (some of which are simply coupons for free items-no purchase necessary) in the mail along with a newsletter. If you live near a Publix I definitely recommend this program - https://www.publix.com/clubs/baby/Subscribe.do 

Target Cartwheel Coupon Program. It's a little confusing but you do get savings. It's like a coupon program and social media combines - cartwheel.target.com/ 

Walmart coupons posted - http://coupons.walmart.com/ 

Gymboree Rewards - http://www.gymboree.com/rewards/home.jsp 

CVS Rewards - https://www.cvs.com/extracare/landing.jsp 

Walgreens Rewards - https://www.walgreens.com/balancerewards/balance-rewards.jsp 

Nuk and Gerber More For Mom's Reward Program - http://www.nuk-moreformoms.com/rewards-program/ 

Fisher Price Special Offers Posted - http://www.fisher-price.com/en_US/Products/SpecialOffers/index.html  

Are there any programs that I left out? Let us know!

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