Monday, August 26, 2013

Clean Mommy

Cleaning. Ugh. I really do not like it (Does anyone?!)  But I like my house to be clean so I have to do it.  Once I became pregnant with my son, one of the first things I realized was I most likely wouldn't be able to safely use most of my cleaning products around my little one.  

Thank goodness so many companies are coming out with safer, more natural cleaners.  I was presented with the opportunity to try some cleaning products from a company called CleanWell and jumped at the chance.

CleanWell's products are made of botanical disinfectants, contain no harsh chemicals, and kill 99.9% of germs.  Meaning, these products are safer to use around children and animals than traditional cleaners.

I received CleanWell's  All-Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray and their Botanical Disinfectant Wipes. The first thing I noticed about both of these products is their fresh natural lemon scent.  I don't mean the "lemon scent" that most cleaners have.  You know, that scent that we associate with lemons even though that's not exactly how lemons really smell (just like grape flavored candy tastes NOTHING like grapes...) These cleaners actually smell like the lemons that grow in my parents' backyard.

The first product I tried was the hand spray.  I LOVE this spray.  It's quick, easy, feels great, and is not heavily perfumed (Ever put use other hand sanitizers and have someone scrunch up their nose and ask "did you just spray something?!" immediately after?) It's also small enough to fit in my pocket or purse.  It's alcohol free (no stinging cuts!) and it leaves my skin soft.

Completely satisfied with the hand spray, I then went to try the wipes. I usually use wipes that contain bleach or chemicals to wipe down my son's toys that can not be submerged in water.  Of course, after using wipes with chemicals in it, I then have to rinse the toys with water.  Same goes for when I use them on my counters.  It's a whole extra step for something that is a "quick solution."  SO when I read that there was no need to rinse after using the CleanWell wipes, I was VERY happy.  Every little bit of time saved counts to a mom!

Overall I love these CleanWell products and have been using them instead of the products I normally use.  I plan on switching over to CleanWell products since they are just as effective,a whole lot safer for my son, and just as affordable as well!

Double thumbs up!

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