Thursday, August 8, 2013

Craving Mommy

When I was pregnant with my son, I often wondered if my cravings were common.  I found out most of them were by asking other mom's, but I still wondered WHY I craved what I craved.  Here is a list of the most common pregnancy cravings according to and WebMD.

Ice/Ice Cream

I did not get this craving but apparently most pregnant mommas do.  Usually craving the crunchiness of the ice or the cold, creamy texture of ice cream.

Spicy Foods

I definitely had this craving.  I normally don't care for very spicy food but during the middle of my pregnancy I couldn't find anything spicy enough! Apparently, the foods are craved because hot foods make us sweat, which cools down the body. 


Another craving I didn't have. I usually LOVE pickles, but did not want them during pregnancy.  Some point to a sodium deficiency as a reason for this craving, however there is no real research to back that up.

Potato Chips

 Another common craving I didn't have.  Actually, I had the opposite - I couldn't stand anything potato.  Chips are craved for their crunchy texture and salty taste.  Try having Veggie chips instead


A couple of people I worked with can tell you I definitely had this craving towards the end of my pregnancy.  For whatever reason I craved Coca Cola. Regular - not diet.  I had cut caffeine out of my diet but would open a can just to have a couple of gulps and then sadly dump the rest out so I wouldn't be tempted to drink more.
I was told this craving was due to my everlasting "morning" sickness (I had it my entire pregnancy) since Cola helps settle the stomach.  I was also probably craving the sugar.


Pretty much every woman I know that's been pregnant has craved fruit. Usually watermelon.  I craved plums and oranges.  It could be due to a Vitamin C deficiency but most doctors agree it's most likely a subconscious craving- you want a healthy baby and fruit is healthy. 


I was about to type that I didn't experience this one... but now that I think about it - I did. But in beverage form.  I often drank hot chocolate and there was a period in my pregnancy where all I could keep down was chocolate milk ( I ended up tricking my body with Chocolate Ensure to try to get more nutrients.)  Most agree chocolate is craved because it releases those feel good hormones when we're feeling tired and yucky.


Again, I didn't have this one but it's the strong taste that is craved. The super-sour.


You all know my love for coffee... and although I pretty much cut out caffeine during my pregnancy, there were several times I opted for decaf because I just NEEDED some kind of coffee.  Coffee is especially craved by those who were avid coffee drinkers before pregnancy.  Your body has learned to associate coffee with making you more alert and keeping both headaches and depression away.

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