Friday, August 9, 2013

Fun Friday!

In the spirit of "getting ready for the weekend" for all of you at work, here are a few fun websites to check out.   (By the way, I do not recommend "taking it easy" on Fridays - it makes for a yuckier Monday... BUT I was guilty of having that Friday feeling at work every now and again...sometimes you just need a break!)

Funny - Some of it's funny, some of it's gross. All of it is entertaining.

Reuters - Oddly Enough - News that is crazy, wacky and just plain weird


OMG! - Celeb news

TMZ - More celeb news (but articles are usually written in a snarky yet funny tone)


The Guardian - Fashion, Beauty, and Celeb fashion

The Fashion Spot - I LOVE this site. Celebrity and Runway fashion photos, trends, and tips.


Addicting Games - The title says it all

Games Games - A ton of choices of free online games

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