Sunday, August 18, 2013

Shakeology Review and Free Samples For All!

It's time for a non-beauty review! Woo hoo! Actually it's about beautifying yourself from the inside out.  I'm talking about Shakeology! I've heard great things about these nifty little shakes and I've been wanting to try them out!  Luckily, I happen to know an awesome Beachbody Coach who was willing to give me a few samples to try.  You all are already familiar with this coach and you don't even know it.  Remember those Fit Minute gems I feature on Mondays? Those are brought to you by The S-Unit, run by Beachbody Coach Suni.

Suni is unlike any coach I've ever known.  First off, she has an online gym you can join.  And she also makes fitness fun with her fitness challenges that bring in friendly competition and prizes into the journey of getting to a healthier, happier you.  She is also very no-pressure when you come to her with fitness questions and requests. So thank you Suni for allowing me to try Shakeology!

My first day trying Shakeology I learned two valuable lessons.  1. It really is best to make an actual shake with Shakeology. You see, I tried to be lazy and just mix my powder with milk (silly mommy... this is not Hershey's Chocolate Syrup!)  It was super thick like a shake but not ice cold... which felt odd to me.  I also think the taste of Shakeology works best as a base for other ingredients.  The shakes are meant not only to curb hunger but also to increase nutrition.  Making a shake is a great way to make sure you get your fruit and veggie servings.  I learned my lesson and I mixed Shakeology, frozen berries, and milk in a blender for my next shake. It was much, much better.

The second lesson I learned was Shakeology really does keep you full.  For longer than I thought it would.  I drank my first non-shake shake an hour and a half before going to lunch with a friend thinking the shake would hold me over until then.  Well, it came time to have lunch and I wasn't hungry.  It is definitely filling enough to use as a meal.

When I got home I checked the nutrition facts.

I had briefly looked over them before trying.  Mainly focusing on the fact that it was low in calories (only 160) and high in protein (17g).  When I looked again I noticed it also had 6g of fiber, antioxidants, and probiotics! Plus much more as you can see. This is by far the most nutritious shake-mix I've seen. And I felt even more grateful that Suni had given me the opportunity to try these!

Suni is also sweet enough to offer FREE samples of Shakeology for you all as well!  Just contact her here if you would like some!

If you would like to learn more about Beachbody Fitness, becoming a coach, or joining a Beachbody team you can contact Suni.

Suni Speaks
The S-Unit Facebook Page

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