Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Fun

It is officially the last month of Summer. Have your kids complained about being bored yet?  I remember being young and doing so many active things.  Of course, we didn't have a computer to play on and we definitely were not allowed to watch T.V. all day.  Here are a few "Old School" Summer activities I rarely see kids doing today.
1.  Play in the sprinklers.
Don't have a pool in your backyard and don't feel like going to the community pool?  No problem, just turn on the sprinklers and run, run, run!  ...Try not to think about the water bill...

2. Bubble mania
We used to play with bubbles like it was a requirement!  Now they have a ton of bubble machines that are pretty inexpensive.
3. Marco Polo
Pool time! Marco Polo was a game we ALWAYS played. Don't forget to shout "Fish out of water!"

4. Catching Fireflies/lightening bugs
There aren't any to catch here in Florida but we used to spend nights chasing these bugs when we would visit family up north.

5.  Popsicles and Art
Need to cool off, enjoy a snack, and have some creative time?  Popsicles and art time is for you!  Eat your yummy frozen snack and then color, draw, paint - create!

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