Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Closet Nightmare

My closet has been driving nuts since the day we moved in.  You see, we moved in the middle of my pregnancy.  Luckily, my husband has amazing friends so I did not have to even be present for the move.  However, I knew my closet would be a problem before we even finished packing.  Here's why.

I have a lot of clothing.  A lot. And I always feel like I don't have anything to wear (yeah, I'm one of those girls.)  In our previous house the closet was HUGE.  I mean, it could've been it's own room. So what do I do? Fill it up of course!  So before we moved I cleaned out my closet and got rid of close a quarter of what I had.  Then I didn't organize the closet once we moved because... well... I couldn't wear those clothes anyway (I was already in maternity sizes.) I was too exhausted to do anything other than work and get ready for the baby. So it sat there for months. Untouched. Then my son was born, I lost my baby weight but the shape of my body changed (I am happy about the change, for the record.) So I then started buying clothing that would flatter my new body type. And it just got worse and worse until my closet looked like this.

AH! Such a mess! Everything is so squished together. I couldn't see what I had in there!  Not to mention some things would be a total wrinkled mess once I pulled them out.  So I decided to finally take control of my close and purchase this organizer below. I got it off of for under $30.  It's VERY easy to put together.  If I can do it without help, believe me, it's easy.  This is small enough to be placed in a closet but I am keeping this outside of my closet since we have a little empty corner in our bedroom.

I also took the time to try on any clothing I wasn't sure about and get rid of anything I knew I wouldn't be wearing.  After a full day of organizing my closet now looks like this.  I still have some work to do. I have to get drawers to put in the organizer and go through my shoes and purses.  But I am very relieved to get the bulk of it done!

I used my nifty new purchase to hang most of my dresses and some of my small cardigans. 

I can't wait to get the drawers and finish up!

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  1. Arghh we just moved too and I have to do the same thing I hate it. We moved from Orlando to SC so smaller older closets ahhh! Great post!