Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Trending Bathing Suit Styles

Better get outdoors and enjoy the warm weather and sun while Summer is still here! Here are some bathing suit styles that have become very popular this Summer.

These 2 pieces are classy and comfortable. Although Taylor Swift was recently bashed for wearing one (and then shortly after praised - Geez Hollywood!) these remain a hit among women of all sizes.

One shoulder
When done right, this style is incredibly sexy. A one shouldered one piece is one way to turn up the heat without showing more skin.


I'm guessing I'm not the only one tired is spending money on bathing suits just to get different looks. This is probably why the convertible bathing suit has become so popular. One suit with many different looks - bikini, high waisted, skirted, or bandeau.

Deep V Neck
Want to wear a one piece but hate feeling so covered? This is the perfect solution. Keep that belly cover while showing off some other...assets.


I personally LOVE this style. Flattering on almost every body type, this is such an elegant and glam look.

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