Tuesday, August 27, 2013

VMA Fashions - A 20-Something Mother's Take

Gotta love the VMA'S. It always gives us something to talk about and it gives celebs a chance to take fashion risks. The older I get, the more confused I am about how some fashion risks turn into fashion trends.  Now... I have [somewhat] come to terms with the fact that I'm getting older and not as "cool" when it comes to the teen trends (mustaches on everything?! What is that about?!) Actually the moment I began feeling confused with certain trends was like a bolt of lightening hit me.  I'm a mom... I'm getting old... and then came a montage of my parents saying "I don't get it" to things that I loved and were once "in."

However, I am still in my 20's so I can't be completely over the threshold, right? ...I'm hoping the answer is "Right!"  So here is a 20-something mom's take on the 2013 VMA fashions.

Selena Gomez

I actually really like Selena's outfit.  I LOVE the hooks on the side and I like that although she is showing skin (and it looks like she is in the middle of getting undressed) she has enough covered that it doesn't look trashy.  It is sophisticated while still being young and "rock and roll." I also love how she kept her hair and accessories relatively simple and her makeup is flawless.

Taylor Swift

Taylor's dress is beautiful. It's classy, simple and fits her perfectly.  I think it's a little too formal for the VMA's though.  I wasn't the biggest fan of her hair and makeup.  It's a little too much for me. It would've been a great look for the Grammy's but I think she should've been a little less "done" and less "safe" for the VMA's.

Ariana Grande

Ariana looks cute and feminine in her mini dress.  I love her hair and makeup, however this is how she always has it done.  If something's not broken don't fix it, right?

Jennifer Hudson

I think the flair at the waist is what keeps me from loving this outfit.  What I find appealing about this dress how it hugs her body and curves.  The fabric hanging from her waist seems to mess with the flow of the dress. Other than that, I think her hair could have been a little softer but it's not something that I dislike.

Miley Cyrus

I like the 90s throwback, the diamond necklace needs to go... but overall ...I'm having an "I'm a mom...I'm getting older" moment...


 I find this look beautifully feminine.  I am a little biased though.  I fell in love with this style of dress (mesh with appliques) when Halle Berry wore her gorgeous dress (that I still want) at the Academy Awards in 2002.  That being said, this does feel very familiar. Like something we've seen before, which keeps it from being a favorite. But Ciara looks gorgeous, I love how the dress falls on her, and I love how statuesque she looks.

Elle Goulding

This is my FAVORITE look of the evening.  I love how her dress is the perfect combo of trendy, edgy, and classy.  Her hair and makeup look effortlessly perfect and keep her dress from looking like it's "too much."


JWoww's makeup and hair look overdone for this event. Her dress also reminds me of a prom/pageant dress. Sorry, JWoww.


See my comments for J-Woww.  Maybe these two besties got ready together.

Holland Roden

This is one of those looks that you either love or hate.  I LOVE it.  I like that it's different and I find it very pretty and appropriate for the VMA's.  Holland's makeup makes her look like a doll, which oddly enough works for her.

Katy Perry

I normally LOVE Katy Perry.  But I was not into this look.  I don't like the dress and I don't understand what is sewn onto the bust, collar, and arms of her dress.  I like the longer version of the dress better(see Coco Rocha wearing the dress here.)  I usually look forward to Katy Perry's red carpet looks so I was disappointed.  I do love her very clean, fresh make-up but I am not a fan of the severe pony tail.

[Most of] Danity Kane

I like how these ladies coordinated their clothing.  Nothing really stands out to me, except that Aubrey's dress (third from the left) is too short.

Erin Wasson

... If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?  Simply put this is another "I don't get it" look for me.  The "dress" is not flattering, her makeup doesn't do it for me, and I don't get the hair. Maybe it's a "high fashion" look that doesn't translate well to the red carpet?

Shailene Woodley

I really like Miss Woodley makeup!  It's beautiful, not over the top, and still age appropriate.  Her outfit is pretty but this is another trend I don't fully get.  It doesn't feel like the pieces go together to me but I know this is just a me getting old thing and not seeing the newest teen trends.

 Sarah Hyland

I have to say it... Her dress reminds me of Iron Man.  Do you see it? I'm not a fan of how her hair is done but I do like her makeup.


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