Thursday, September 19, 2013

Avalon Organics Review

Alright! I'm continuing with my skincare adventure.  Since my skin has become even more sensitive after pregnancy, I've been trying more and more organic skincare products.  I find that organic, natural products seem to be a safer, more soothing bet for my skin now.  That being said, I was extremely excited to receive Avalon Organics products to review.

 Avalon Organics not only provides organic products made with botanicals, extracts and essential oils; they also use environmentally friendly packaging and look for new ways to reduce their environmental impact.  Another company to support for looking at more than just the fiscal bottom line.

My first experience with Avalon Organics was with a product called "Lavender Luminosity Exfoliating Extreme Scrub." Right away I noticed the scent of this product! It's calming, fresh, and light!  I also like that this is a gentle exfoliate. The finely ground walnut shells in this scrub are just that, finely ground so you don't have to worry about this scrub being too harsh or irritating/scratching skin.  After using just once, my skin felt smoother and softer.  This product is meant as a facial product, but I also used it on my shoulders and arms - the places I get the most sun exposure.  I definitely noticed a difference in the feel and look of my skin after using this product.  It seemed so much more radiant!

Next on my Avalon Organics journey- Aloe Unscented Moisturizing Cream Shave.  This is definitely my new favorite shaving cream.  I usually don't use shaving cream because, in the past, I've found most products are either too thick, irritate my skin, dry out my skin or actually make the shave inconsistent throughout my legs. This cream is different.  It's not very thick but yet provides a great layer of protection and actually soothes my skin and prevents razor burn.  It doesn't clog up my razor and best of all I ended up with close shave all over! I was also able to skip my after shower lotion because of this product. This mommy loves to save time with her beauty routine and skipping a step definitely does that! Every minute counts when you're a busy mom!

After this fantastic experience, I will definitely try more Avalon Organics products in the future. Knowing I will be getting a safe, effective, quality product without the worry of harsh chemicals and irritants is a definite thumbs up on my end. 

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