Friday, September 13, 2013

Dressing Like a "Mom"

After having my son and losing the last of my baby weight, I knew it was finally time.  Time to take a look at my closet and get rid of the clothing I would no longer be wearing. Either because it was no longer appropriate or because it no longer fit. (I learned that just because you lose all of the weight you've gained, doesn't mean your body goes back to the way it was before pregnancy.)

Once I pulled the clothing that I could no longer get on, button, or zip.  It was time to decide... what IS appropriate?  What is inappropriate?  I definitely was NOT about to start wearing the dreaded "Mom Jeans."  And of course some of my "club wear" definitely had to be retired. I didn't want to be "that mom."  But what about everything in between the two spectrums? Where do I draw the line?

A good friend of mine said "Just because you're a mom doesn't mean you have to dress like a 'mom.' "  True. I didn't have to start wearing frumpy clothes or change my hairstyle.  After all, I AM still in my 20's.  But I also couldn't ignore the fact that I was in a new chapter of my life.  And dressing the same as I did in a previous chapter just didn't feel right. 

I decided I would need some style inspiration.  After looking through magazines, catelogs, and celebrity gossip sites, I found my new "mom" look.  And to be honest, it's not THAT much different than before.  I decided to stick with classic looks, with cuts that are most flattering, and touches of "trendy" (accessories.) This would allow me to maximize the use of my wardrobe (important for a mom on a budget) and still feel like I hadn't given up on style.  If anything, I have simplified my look.  My daily around the house uniform is some combination of shorts and tanks, sometimes cotton dresses. When venturing out, I add accessories to the look.  When going to a get together I try a dress or a blouse and a skirt.

The things I retired? Tube tops and super short skirts.  Even if they still fit or even flattered my body, I felt like the mom that was trying to hard to reclaim her youth or prove that she was still hip.  Bottom line - I no longer felt comfortable in these pieces.

So what is the rule when it comes to the new mom uniform?  Find what YOU feel comfortable in.  Yes, you may have to say goodbye to some styles, but there really is no "how to."  What I can recommend is looking through some celeb style profiles to get an idea of how you would like your attire to reflect you during this new, exiting, sometimes scary, but always loving chapter of your life.

Here are a few of the celebs that stood out to me.

Kate Middleton

Kristen Bell

Carrie Underwood

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  1. Kate Middleton really does no wrong when it comes to style! But I have to say that, even though I'm not a mom, at my age certain styles (short skirts, tube tops) aren't very appropriate anymore!