Sunday, September 29, 2013

Essie Fall 2013

Nails!  In the past, I very rarely painted my nails.   And to explain this, I must confess my yucky habit.  I bite my nails. I have since I was a little girl and have tried to stop countless times over the years.  But it always ends the same.  I stop biting my nails, they are starting to grow long and then the next thing I know, I look down and they're all gone.  It's such an ingrained habit, I do it without even knowing I'm doing it.

So the time it took for my nails to dry just never seemed worth it.  And when I did try to pretty up my nails,  I was always one to try to get stuff done too soon after... leaving them, well, not so pretty.   BUT I recently found Essie's "good to go!" top coat.  And it has literally changed my beauty routine.  My nails are dry to the touch after a minute or two and completely dry after about 6 minutes. Love it! 

(I also decided to not use the swatches I made with my bitten nails in order to try to do these colors some justice. Thank you to beautezine and Of Life And Lacquer for their gorgeous nails and swatches.)

Of course after trying "good to go!", I was anxious to try more Essie products.  So I was very excited (and grateful) when I was sent Essie's Fall 2013 line to try and review.  This line has all of the trendy nail colors for fall. 

I've noticed, in the past year or so, Essie has really been stepping up their game when it comes to color selection.  Not only do they have every color you could possibly imagine, they also have some of the most unique colors.  And those unique colors are always the ones that make me stop and take another look.

Cashmere Bathrobe Swatch by
Just For the Twill Of It Swatch
"Just For the Twill of It" is the definition of a unique color.  A gorgeous medium brown with a reflective green shimmer. It's one of those hard to photograph chrome polishes.  The color shifts with the light and there isn't a photograph that could show it's true beauty.  It's definitely a color I've never seen and I am instantly drawn to it.

My favorite out of the collection has to be "Cashmere Bathrobe."   It is a true flannel gray with a little bit of shimmer to it.  A great neutral that goes with any occasion and outfit, I see myself wearing this nail color throughout the rest of the year. A great color for someone who doesn't change up their nail color often.

After School Boy Blazer Swatch by
Vested Interest Swatch by

"After School Boy Blazer" is a nice crisp navy blue.  This is another big color that is trending this Fall and this is the prettiest navy blue polish I've ever seen.  I only needed to apply one coat of this one to get full, sleek coverage. A definite plus for any busy lady!

Another pretty gray included in the Fall 2013 line is "Vested Interest."  This is what I am currently wearing on my toes and it is another color that is truly unique to Essie.  It's a very pretty teal-gray that reminds me of a breezy day by the ocean with mists of rain. 

The Lace Is On Swatch by
Twin Sweater Swatch by
"The Lace Is On" is one of the most radiant purple-y/ pink-y colors I've seen in awhile.  If you're not into dark colors and are craving something a bit brighter for fall, this color is for you. It's a gorgeous jewel tone and believe me, the way it looks in the bottle does not do it justice.

"Twin Sweater Set" is a very shiny, bright, fun red.  Forever classy, this color truly captures the sophistication of red nails.  This is a great color for Christmas time as well.

Overall, my experiences with these lacquers was great.  They didn't streak and I only needed one or two coats to get full coverage on my nails.  They also dried very quickly (even without the top coat) and seemed to be pretty chip resistant.  Very excited to try more Essie products in the future and will definitely recommend their products to those who want to pretty up their nails with minimal time and effort.

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