Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall-ing In Love With Fall

Fall is finally here! Today is the official first day of Fall.  And although it still feels like Summer here, I am already trying to figure out what fun fall weather things I can incorporate into my routine.  Here's what I have so far.

For the Home

 Autumn Scents

Scent is a BIG part of my "Holiday" routine.  In the past I have used wall plugins and candles.  This year, I decided to pull out my electric tart warmer and use that instead.  I figured an open flame would be a bad idea with a little one on the move.  Same for wall plugins.  

I use the following scents from Yankee Candle during October and November.

Autumn Leaves - This one is my favorite.  It is a fresh, crisp Fall scent.  Very different than most warm, sweet Fall scents out there.

Pumpkin Wreath - This is a very warm pumpkin-vanilla scent with a touch of apples and cinnamon.

Be Thankful - This scent is more cinnamon-apple-vanilla than any of the above.  It's nice on a chillier day but not one I like to have all of the time

Autumn Wreath

I STILL have not found a great Autumn Wreath.  That may be because the one I have envisioned that I want is very similar to the one my mom had while I was growing up - which was one-of-a-kind and made by my great-grandmother.  I would like one with "fall leaves" (since we don't get to see those naturally here in Florida), a scarecrow, and maybe pumpkins.  Most that I find are either too fancy or too "rustic."  I may have to give in and make my own.

Jack-o-Lanterns - with a twist

Getting pumpkins to carve is a tradition many have.  This year I want to try something new.  Instead of carving a face into the pumpkins, I would like to use a power drill to create designs.  I know we'll be doing the standard Jack-o-Lanterns in the years to come, so I figure this is my chance to try this sophisticated look since my son is not old enough to be aware of traditions.

Beauty/ Fashion 


I may not be able to wear my fall clothing in this 85-90 degree weather, but I can change my nail polish colors now.  This year my fall colors will be bronze, navy blue, "Wine red", and gray.  Currently wearing "Vested Interest" by Essie.


Some ladies like to change the color of their hair during the Fall/ Winter months.  I am trying to get back to my long layered look.  Last Fall/Winter I chopped all of my hair off (below). It's the shortest my hair has been in years.  Why? Simple. Pregnancy and hot flashes.  I was so fed up with being uncomfortable and my hair seemed to be part of the problem.  Now, I'm trying to let my hair grow out.  Hopefully it will be back to it's long length this fall.

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