Monday, September 9, 2013

Original Sprout Review and Giveaway! [CLOSED]

So far I've covered beauty products for mom but I have yet to cover care products for baby.  Until now.  Original Sprout was great enough to not only send products for me to review, but to also offer you all a chance to try these products for yourself.

Original Sprout is the maker of 100% Vegan, Organic and Natural products.  What makes Original Sprout different is the fact that they also use ONLY safe fragrances.  All products are free of ingredients linked to estrogen & hormone disruption, autism and cancer concerns.  They are also free of insect attractors such as honey & soda fragrances (very important in Florida.)  The company is also Eco-Friendly and environmentally responsible.  I've stated before how important I think it is to support companies that make it a point to be safe, fair, and look at more than just the fiscal bottom line.  This is why I was originally interested in trying Original Sprout products.  

The first product I tried (well, my son tried) is the Hair and Body Baby Wash.  First of all, it smells so good! Very light and clean.  The first night I used this on him I kept smelling his hair.  Also, the fresh smell lasts into the end of the next day.

Also, having an allergy kid, I normally worry about using new products on him.  He even breaks out into a rash if I use different baby wipes.  I didn't have to worry about using any products from Original Sprout.  No rash, no irritation, no crankiness.

I also decided to try this wash on my hair (it does say "Baby and up").  It left my hair soft and shiny and,did I mention, the scent is amazing!

Best of all, after only 3 uses, my son's cradle cap has completely disappeared! 

Double thumbs up!

The next product we (my son and I) tried was the Scrumptious Baby Cream. This cream has a very different scent than the wash.  It's very calming, soothing, and relaxing.  This cream is very moisturizing without being greasy.  It also feels featherlight and left us both very soft.

Again, no rash, irritation or crankiness from Mr. Allergy.  My son usually fusses when I put lotion/cream on him (I have no idea why.)  He didn't seem to mind me putting this one on.  I'm not sure if it's the scent or the different feel of this cream, but whatever it is, he seems to prefer this product!

Another Double Thumbs Up!

If you and/or your child would like to try these Original Sprout products for yourself, look for the post pinned to the top of the Mommy Diaries (Of a Florida Mom) Facebook page wall and SHARE the giveaway post.  I will choose a winner next week!

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