Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Alba Botanica Review

Alright everyone! Let's get back to beauty!

As I've expressed before, I've been trying more natural beauty products since having my son.  During pregnancy I was inundated with information on the possible effects of parabens and other synthetic ingredients.  Very scary for any new mom and it's something I get questions about often.

Luckily, I can now recommend products from Alba Botanica for women concerned about ingredients that are potentially harmful in their beauty products.

Alba Botanica's good & clean towelettes are great for getting a clean, makeup free face quickly.  One side of the towelette has texture for scrubbing and the other side is smooth to cleanse and tone. 

I used these towelettes to remove my makeup one night after a long day. I was too tired to pull out the cold cream and tissues, as I usually do.  And too tired to deal with that mess. I opened these towelettes and had a clean face within a minute or so.  It was very easy and mess free.  These are also great for traveling or to keep in your purse.

The alba Botanica Hawaiian Deep Conditioning Minute Mask is another product I recently experimented with.  First off, it smells great.  I find most "Hawaiian" products smell a little like sunscreen, but not this product.  This hair mask has a scent that reminds me of an upscale beach resort and spa.  Very luxurious and relaxing. More importantly, this mask makes my hair feel super smooth and soft without weighing it down or darkening my blonde. It's quick and easy and can be applied in the shower.  It easily fits into my beauty routine.  I just use it instead of my regular conditioner so I am able to use it even when I have an action packed day.

If you're looking for effective products that provide a safe, quick, and enjoyable beauty experience try Alba Botanica.  Not only will you be getting some new go-to products, but you will also be getting some affordable products as well.

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