Friday, October 4, 2013

Cooking Groove and Makeup Splurge/Save

Yesterday I finally got my cooking groove back!  I haven't really made a true blue homemade meal since I got pregnant. I was too sick during pregnancy and then too tired/busy after my son was born.  But yesterday I made this baby.

Yum yum yum! It was delish! It's from one of my favorite recipes (found here) with a few improvises.  I forgot to buy a garlic clove so I just used garlic powder on the chicken.  I also don't measure out the spices. I just sprinkle and eyeball it. I also spray the chicken with olive oil since I like the skin to be crispy.

It's a super easy, fresh recipe so I thought I'd share that with you all.

I also wanted to share some beauty splurge/budget beauty items. These items are comparable in quality.  They also happen to be some of my favorite products.

Tinted Moisturizer / BB Cream / CC Cream


Supergoop! CC Cream

This is by far my favorite of the CC/BB cream products I've tried.  It's also $30.  You don't have to use much.  A drop the size of a pea is enough coverage for my whole face.  It leaves a very natural matte finish.


Pond's BB Cream

At around $11 this BB Cream has many of the same qualities as the Supergoop! cream.  It's very light, leaves a matte finish, blends easily and requires very little product for adequate coverage.  The difference? The Supergoop is made up of 100% all natural ingredients and include ingredients that can actually make your skin healthier instead of just making it appear healthier. Though Pond's does claim to give dark spot reduction results in as little as 2 weeks.



Mac's Fleur Power Satin Powder Blush

Younique's Blusher in "Sweet"

I chose to do both of these because they are tied for my favorite blush. Both great quality. The Mac blush is a common beauty favorite and I believe the Younique blusher will be soon. Younique's blusher is high quality mineral make-up that I've also figured out how to use as a tint/cream blush (I will make a video on that, along with other simple beauty tricks, soon.)


ELF's Studio Blush in Tickled Pink  

Retailing for only $3, this blush is the best value I've seen in a very long time.  High pigmented, it goes on smooth and blends well.



MAC's Eyeshadow in Rice Paper

This eyeshadow is a very pretty nude peach color and one of their best sellers. I love all of MAC's eyeshadows because they are so pigmented and smooth.


NYX Eyeshadow in Sahara

NYX is a great alternative to MAC Eyeshadows.  They have very similar colors and are of great qualities.

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