Sunday, October 20, 2013

Go on... Go Smile!

There is one simple thing everyone can do to instantly look more beautiful.  Smile.  I know some may be self conscious about their smile, but believe me - being and looking happy is always more attractive.  There are so many things you can do to help you feel more confident in your smile.  Taking care of your teeth, of course, and -this is something I do regularly- use whitening products.

My love of coffee is no secret.  And even though it stains my teeth, I just can't give it up.  In the past, I used Crest Whitestrips. But those ended up making me teeth horribly sensitive to whitening products.  Eventually, just having the strips on for a few minutes would be painful. So I stopped using them. And relied on whitening toothpaste, which kept my teeth from looking too bad, but still didn't give me the white I was used to.

So for years I have been skipping the whitening products and just using toothpaste, figuring this is as good as it is going to get. Then, a few months ago,  I received a few products from GO SMiLE to review.  I was excited to try them, but prepared myself for the familiar dental pain whitening products usually brought along with their magnificent powers.

The first product I tried was the TRULY Whitening Toothpaste System.  This product was the easiest to fit into my routine since all I had to do was switch my normal toothpaste for this system.  This system has 2 parts. A polisher (which is like regular toothpaste) and the whitening gel.  You simply put a pea sized amount of each on your dry toothbrush and then brush for 2 minutes. Super easy and best of all painless. That's right, no sensitivity.  I continued using this for about 2 months. I used the On The Go Teeth Whitening Pen a few times through out the months as well. The pen is also easy to use and definitely on the go friendly.  Just use the pen on your teeth, leave on for 20 minutes and rinse.

I definitely saw a gradual change.  My teeth not only look whiter but also healthy and shiny.  I found with other whitening products my teeth were whiter but also had lost their shine and looked a little dull.  This whitening system gave me white, healthy looking teeth that looked naturally radiant. 

And did I mention - NO PAIN! Love this system and this brand and recommend it to anyone looking to feel more confident in their smile.

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