Friday, October 18, 2013

Ooops! Blog Postings Will Now Continue!

Ahhhh!  I haven't updated in awhile!  This mommy has been juggling a lot lately and I have been very blessed with another writing opportunity that I've been working on.  BUT I  WILL keep up this blog! Instead of short daily postings, I will be doing longer weekly postings.

 Yesterday I received my October Ipsy bag and to be honest, after I saw my glam room for this month, I decided to retake the quiz.  This month's bag isn't a total flop like last month's, but there is still A LOT of products I would've chosen over what I received. The only product I was really excited about that I received was the Zoya nail polish.  Because I got the color I wanted!  Below is my video review. Hope you all enjoy!

This is what was in my Ipsy bag this month

This is the rest of what was offered

I would've chosen the Wet n Wild eyeshadow, the Ofra sultry lipgloss and plumper, and the Buuxom Lip polish instead of the La Fresh wipes, Sexy Hair gel, and Nourish Organic lotion.

We'll see how next month goes!

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