Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bad Beauty Confessions

I've  decided to confess my worst crimes against beauty, in the name of beauty.  Let me explain.  We've all done things in our past to get "the look." You know, what was considered pretty, cute, hot, sexy, trendy, at the time.  Usually, this happens when we're younger and have sort of an invincible feeling.  I am no exception.  All of the following happened when I was between the ages of 16 and 20.  During this time, the pop princesses were the standard of "young/teen beauty."  So what did that mean? Super tan, super blonde, and super dark eye makeup.  Take a look.

Teenage me fed into the media. And like many others, tried to achieve the tan, platinum blonde look.  To do so... I broke some very important beauty rules... here are my confessions...

1. I've never done tanning beds but this may be worse...

I used olive oil.  Yep... you read right.  This one I regret the most.  I am naturally very fair skinned.  But being "pale" was not attractive. At least not by the above standards.  I refused to tan in tanning beds... mostly because I thought they were gross and I refused to pay for something that was naturally free in sunny Florida.  Tanning oils didn't do much for me (this was before I was introduced to No-Ad.)  So... I used to use this

 to tan.  Just sprayed it on before I went out by the pool... and then literally baked my skin.  Of course now I regret this.  Who knows what damage I have done to my skin.  I constantly check for any signs of skin cancer knowing that I definitely increased my chances.

2. Who needs eyeliner?

This one ISN'T as bad as the olive oil.  It's more of a silly confession.  Like most girls, I learned about makeup from my mom. And by the time I was 17, she had done a pretty good job of teaching me "less is more."  However, I longed for the sultry eyes of the pop divas.  My problem? My mom doesn't wear eyeliner. At all. I mean... she doesn't own any.   So one night I decided I couldn't wait any longer and I wanted to try to achieve the look right away! Even if I didn't have eyeliner on hand.  What did I use?  Eye shadow. I used the eye shadow applicator that came with my Cover Girl eye shadow and carefully lined my waterline.  I then wet the shadow and lined the top of my lid close to my lash line. I got so many compliments on the look, I continued to do it for months before I finally bought eyeliner. Now I'm sure it's not terrible for your eyes, but I definitely wouldn't recommend using eye shadow as eyeliner for your waterline on the regular.  It's tends to irritate the eye. Not to mention being way more time consuming.

3. John Frida...whhyyyy

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you have heard me mention a certain [now discontinued] John Frida product that I had an awful experience with. I'm about to reveal what that product was. BUT I will admit that my overuse was part of the problem.  I wanted my medium blonde hair to be SUPER blonde.  But my mom discouraged me coloring my hair. And so did some of my friends.  So I started using products in the John Frida "Beach Blonde" line.  I believe the entire line is now discontinued. First I used a gel that contained lemon.  Not seeing much result I moved to the next John Frida product.  John Frida's Beach Blonde Sun Streaks (pictured below). Like Sun-In and the John Frida Go Blonder spray, it used peroxide and heat to lighten hair.  The difference - it had the texture of hair gel.  And would stick and stay in your hair. And didn't really dry. It was advertised as "gentle" but definitely was not.
I started seeing results very quickly.  My hair quickly became SUPER blonde (see below).

 But also super damaged.  And started breaking off an inch from the root. I had to use different Redken serums to disguise the damage and prevent anymore from happening.  It was the worst experience I have had with a hair care product to this day. BUT I do recognize I used the product more often than I should have and I'm now very careful when using my Sun-In.

4. Oxy masks

This is another one that isn't AS BAD compared to the rest...but I'm sure it wasn't great for my skin. At the very least it was a harsh "treatment." Remember oxy spot treatment? You know... the product for acne that you're supposed to put on a blemish. I put it on my entire face. Overnight. To PREVENT breakouts. Not to treat them. My poor face. I learned to stop once my face became stiff, red, and dry.
5.  Oily skin is enough...

My skin was oily in my teen years. Not noticeably. But definitely not the combination skin I have now. Because of this, I didn't use any moisturizer. At all. Yep. I used harsh acne treatments without replacing the moisture, causing my skin to become irritated and produce even more oil. Causing more breakouts. I now know better. And am happy to be done with all of these horrible habits!

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