Monday, November 25, 2013

MAC Cosmetics Divine Night - Holiday 2013

In my heart, MAC remains number one when it comes to makeup.  They continue to be my go-to for anything and everything makeup related.   I am always grateful and thankful for any products I receive to review, but I get especially excited when the lovely PR ladies at MAC take the time out of their day to send product my way.

This time I received a few products from their 2013 Holiday Line, named Divine Night.  While most other cosmetic companies are coming out with the typical super dark color palette filled with grays and browns, MAC has taken a different and much more pleasing route.  Their holiday color palettes consist of expert combinations of dark and bright colors, making it impossible for anyone to resist taking a peek at these products.

Divine Night Mineralize Eye Shadow
in "Past Midnight"
Living in Florida, I always felt the grays, blacks, and browns that often accompany fall and winter put a depressing, drab spin on my beauty routine.  However, using super bright colors alone always seemed out of place with the cooler weather.  MAC has solved this issue with the"Divine Night" product line. Bye-bye drab and depressing, hello beautifully bright - yet seasonally appropriate - looks.

The Divine Night Mineralize Eye Shadow is a perfect example of the dark and bright pairing.  These eye shadows are two colors in one.  You can either use each color separately or blend them together.   "Past Midnight" is a gorgeous, rich, dark, yet not dreary, purple with a light violet/pink shade.  I love the use of these rich colors in the winter.  Like all MAC eyeshadow, the pigmentation is excellent, the product goes on smooth, and stays all day.  I have used the colors together and on their own.  I love each color but especially like the blended look.  My eyes really popped with this shadow and the composite of the dark and light made it look like I had spent much more time on my makeup than I had.

Divine Night Fluidline in
"Deliciously Rich"
One item I was actually nervous about was the Divine Night Fluidline.  Yes, I LOVE eye makeup.  However, I am not one with a steady hand.  Meaning, liquid liners are often very challenging for me.  When I opened my fluidline eye-liner gel  I was so taken with the color ( "Deliciously Rich") that I had to at least TRY to learn how to apply this stunning product.  I dipped my eyeliner brush and cautiously applied.  Surprisingly, it was pretty easy to use.  Much different than the typical liquid liner, this gel stays put and doesn't smear all over when applying.  The color was right up my alley.  I'm a huge fan of bronze eye makeup (brings out the green in my eyes, without being harsh against my skin tone)  and this gel liner is one of the prettiest bronzes I've seen in a long time.  It's dark and does have a bit of a tarnished feel to it, but is still a "stand-out" color with lots of sparkle.  I will definitely purchase more of the fluidline products now that I am no longer intimidated by them.

Divine Night Kohl Power Eye Pencil
in "Mystery"
 One item that I am much more familiar with is MAC's Eye Kohl.  In fact, it is my favorite eye lining product. Ever. ("Teddy" is my favorite shade.)   The Divine Night Kohl Power Eye Pencils have the creamy, smooth texture I expected, but the color blew me away.  And I already have pretty high expectations when it comes to these superb pencils.  Mystery, an opulent forest green, is perfect for Christmas.  The color was so rich, so dazzling, I couldn't help but wear it for the rest of the day.  This splendid green did not fade or smudge all day.  And that's a day filled with running around, chasing a near 1 year old.   If you are one who sticks with black or brown eye liner, I would definitely suggest using this pencil to mix it up for the holidays. It's luxurious look will change your way of thinking when it comes to eye liner.

Divine Night Mineralize Skinfinish
in "Perfectly Poised"
But what is a striking eye without flawless skin? I'm not one to wear foundation every day, but I do like to put on something to even out my skin tone before leaving the house.  Divine Night Mineralize Skinfinish is definitely a great product for this purpose.  This powder can be used all over the face to give the look of smooth, bright skin or it can be used on cheeks as a highlighter.  I used "Perfectly Poised" and it gave my skin a warm glow.  Definitely a quick fix for me when I'm trying to just get my family out the door in a hurry.

Divine Night Cremeshine Glass
in "Private Party"
Now to complete the look...the lips.  This season plum lips have exploded onto the scene.  No matter where I turn celebrities, models, magazines, it seems like everyone is trying the plum look.  The Divine Night Cremesheen Glass in "Private Party" captures the beauty of plum perfectly.  I usually don't wear dark lip color because I feel it washes me out, but this did not.  It's dark, yet luminous. Above all it's creamy, non-sticky, and super glossy. 

And there you have it, an exemplary holiday look using the Divine Night line.  There are numerous other products in this line to add to your look including blush, nail laquer, lipstick, and mascara.  If you're wanting to change up your look, but are afraid to go out of your comfort zone, I would definitely suggest this line.  You will get quality products that are easy to apply, trendy, and give you a fresh take without being scary or difficult.  Once again, MAC proves to be a foolproof choice.

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