Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Guilty Pleasures

We all have them... Things we LOVE that we know we really shouldn't. But you know what? I'm not hiding mine anymore! I'm about to spill some of my GP's (yeah, I just abbreviated it) and maybe... Just'll find one on this list that's also yours.

1. It's kind of like eating Reese's... Right?

I have MANY food guilty pleasures and I openly indulge most of them in front of others. There is one, however, that only those close to me have seen. Ready for it? Peanut Butter (JIF - straight out of the jar) and Hershey's chocolate syrup. Together. I take a spoonful of peanut butter out of the jar, drizzle some chocolate syrup on that spoonful, eat, and repeat. Now before anyone gets upset about me contaminating the jar - I'm the only one in my house that eats peanut butter anyway.

2. A cray face

So I know how to do my makeup and usually stick to the same few looks... But when no one is home and I have some time to myself I sometimes go crazy with makeup. I put on a ton of bright colors I normally wouldn't wear or do heavy liner and shadow from my brows all the way down past my under eye. For some reason I just have so much fun doing it. It actually feels a bit freeing. Most of the time I end up putting a smile on my face and laughing at how ridiculous I look. But a few times I inadvertently discovered looks that I like. For example, my love for plum, bronze, and aqua eyeliners all came from one of these silly experiments.

3. I Keep Up... Religiously

I've already let this guilty pleasure out of the bag... But I didn't go into detail about it. I l-o-v-e Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I've seen every episode. I DVR it and I get excited for new episodes. I am currently impatiently waiting for season 9 to start. I know, it's shameful to admit, but there it is. I have noticed a lot of ladiesI know are suddenly admitting to watching this show since the Jenner boys have become cast regulars. I can't blame them. It doesn't hurt to look at Brody...I'm just sayin'...

Brody Jenner

Brandon and Leah Jenner

4. Hasn't That Show Been Off The Air... For 6 Years?

While we're on the subject if TV shows... I STILL DVR Gilmore Girls.  Even though I've seen the entire series countless times.  I'm at the point where I can anticipate what the next episode will be.  My husband doesn't understand why I continue to not only watch these reruns, but record them.  There is just something about this show that I find so comforting.  I couldn't tell you specifically what it is, but there is nothing like sitting down with a giant cup of coffee and watching an episode filled with the adventures of Lorelei and Rory. 

5.  A Little Worn... Or Just Right?

I only realized this GP a couple of years ago when I bought my "new" car.  It was "pre-owned" but in great condition and pretty much felt like new.  I liked the car and was happy with my purchase, but I all I really wanted was my old car back (my old car died so that wasn't happening.)  The "new" car didn't feel like mine.  It felt too clean, too perfect.  I LIKE it when my car is worn.  I LIKE a couple of dings. I know this one is odd, but to me a car is something functional.  Something to get me around.  I don't like have to feel like it's another item I have to worry about looking pretty all of the time.

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