Friday, February 28, 2014

Supportive Mommy

I'm always looking to add to this blog.  Yes, I love cosmetics, makeup, beauty products and fashion; BUT I also love to bring awareness to companies, products, organizations, etc that I think are unique or great causes. Soooo I've decided to start a feature doing just that.  Every now and then I will do a post like this one just to change it up from my regular beauty/fashion/mommy posts.

And the first to be featured?  A product called the FunHaler.

This unique and fun inhaler is perfect for kids.  We all know special medical needs can be a hassle, this is especially true for kids.  They usually don't understand why they have to do something they don't necessarily want to do, especially if others don't want have to do it as well.  This is where the FunHaler comes into play. This design takes a boring inhaler to another level.  The inhaler becomes something kids look forward to using- like a toy, maybe even a buddy.

I asked the people behind the FunHaler, FunMed,  what made them think of such a great idea.  And the answer is simple...they experience the difficulties of having a young child use an inhaler first hand.   The design of this product is more than just fun.  The design also accommodates the small hands and fingers of a child, making it easier and more comfortable for them to use.

Once the FunHaler receives the support to start production, more animals and designs will be researched and available as different options.

To learn more and support the FunHaler click here.

FunMed has also partnered with DrSocial to raise $100,000 for Asthma Research.  To find out more information on how you can help and how you can be entered to win $500 click here.


  1. Excellent story! Thank you for your support!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. Please consider contributing to the project, and helping us spread the word!