Monday, February 10, 2014

What a Lush-ous Day!

Excuse my cheesy title, but I just couldn't resist. Over the weekend I had the extreme pleasure of touring one of the Lush Cosmetics stores in my area.  Our guide, Bruce, was friendly, charismatic, and incredibly knowledgeable of the company and products.

To be honest, I had been to Lush a few times before, but never really knew a whole lot of the company background.  Then, through the magic of Social Media, I started learning that this company is just the type I always say we should all support.  One with a mission to not only make great, effective, honest products; but also to do it the RIGHT way instead of just worrying about bottom line costs. The company itself is also very active in campaigning for social change.  A company trying to make the world a better place.  Who doesn't love that?

So when I was invited to tour one of their stores and learn more, I jumped on it.  And invited my own Lush enthusiast, Christine, to help out.

Upon entering, we were instantly uplifted by the wonderful smell.  And as we toured, we fell in love with all of the colors, skin care solutions, and witty product names.  One of our biggest questions for Lush was "How do you guys know what works? How do you know what you create solves the problems they're created for?"  We were very surprised to learn that their products are the result of science, research and trials.  Since they do not do any animal testing, several versions of each product are tested on people before hitting the market.

One of the most interesting things we learned, is that the products at Lush are extremely fresh.  We went into the back storage area and every product is marked with when it was made and who made it.  The skincare masks we sampled were made just a few days earlier. This is a big reason why Lush's products are so different from the rest.  Bruce explained to us how the freshness of these organic, natural products is a big reason as to why they are so effective.  For example, antioxidant properties only live for so long.  So even if a product has antioxidants in it, it doesn't really matter if the product is old and antioxidants are dead.  Freshness is the key.

We tried a bunch of goodies but my favorites were definitely the herbalism cleanser and cosmetic warrior mask.  The herbalism cleanser is perfect for cystic acne (uh hello! Me!) but is very calming at the same time.  My skin is so soft afterwards and feels clean without being dry.  Its only been a few days, but I have noticed a change in my skin.  I don't have as many problem spots (you know, the "uh oh... this could turn into something" bumps) and my skin seems much happier.

Using the Cosmetic Warrior feels like giving my skin a clean slate.  Especially after a day with a face full of makeup (I'm sorry skin!) Cosmetic Warrior seems to remedy the abuse I put my skin through with makeup.  I've read some reviews that say the mask is stinky... mine isn't.  I mean it's no Cupcake, but it's not stinky. Plus, my skin was completely under control after one use. Can't beat that!

I also got some of the Ickle Baby Bot bath bombs in hopes of a miracle.  And I must say, my son was very relaxed after his bath. He was in full tantrum mode before bath time and then completely chill afterwards.  That's a win for me.  Christine, at the tail end of her pregnancy, wanted some glamor in her pampering so she tried the gorgeous Phoenix Rising bath bomb.  It provided a much needed time out for this soon to be mom and moisturized her skin as well.

While in store I tried the Close To You massage bar.  I think this product is such a great idea! It can be used as a quick moisturizer, or as a mess free massage oil.  It also smelled so good, I left it on my arm all day... and continued to sniff my arm throughout the day (no shame!)

One product I can definitely recommend for Summer is the Silk Stocking Solid Body Tint.  Again, it's mess free and gives your legs (or wherever you choose to apply) a golden tan.  AND you can make it as light or dark as you would like.

As far as shower gel is concerned, I took home the Happy Hippy.  I just couldn't resist this fresh, clean, citrus scented gel.  It definitely brightens up my shower experience.  And it can also be used as shampoo when I'm feeling rushed for time.

The soap I favored is being discontinued, which makes me very sad.  Demon in the Dark reminds me of a comforting cup of minty tea.  And lets face it, sometimes us moms need just a little bit of refreshing comfort.  Christine took home Honey I Washed The Kids soap.  She prefers the sweeter scents.

I also received a sample of the Rehab shampoo.  (Can I say how much I LOVE stores that provide samples of their products?! It really shows how much they believe in what they are selling.) And let me tell you, I'm planning on making a trip back to Lush to buy this shampoo.  It made my hair so soft and shiny, I just can't get enough.

So new addiction - Lush Cosmetics!  I see many trips to this lovely shop in my future. Check them out for yourself, and if you're hesitant to buy your first time in, ask for some samples and try it out for yourself!

Pssst.  Remember how I said Lush is very active in campaigning for social change?  Right now they are supporting LGBTQ rights in Russia with The Sign Of Love.  To join the campaign simply post a picture with the sign of love (the pink triangle) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Make sure to hashtag signoflove and tag Lush Cosmetics. Our picture is below.  We used Christine's baby bump <3

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