Friday, March 28, 2014

Affordable Fashion with Sammy Dress

Fashion post ahead!  As you all may know, I'm constantly searching for affordable fashion.  Stores like H&M, Forever 21, and Target (ESPECIALLY Target!) seem to be raising their prices without raising the quality of their clothing.  I've bought a few wholesale items in the past and had a good experience doing so.  So when I was contacted by Sammy Dress to review their products, I was all for it.  

Sammy Dress sells everything fashion related including dresses, tops, accessories, and shoes.  I did my research and found that Sammy Dress is a tad controversial.  After having my own experience with Sammy Dress, I think I know why.  Sammy Dress is based in China, meaning every order is shipping from China.  Most products (especially clothing products) we buy in stores in the United States are made overseas, mostly China.  With Sammy Dress  (and other overseas wholesalers) you're simply buying directly from the source instead of paying mark ups to buy the same products through a third party located in the U.S.  This is why the products are so inexpensive.  I've ordered from China before, so I understood going in that shipping would take AT LEAST a few weeks.  I'm guessing those that are leaving complaints about Sammy Dress don't realize the shipping time from China going in.  It can be a bit of a time before you receive your products.  But, in my opinion, it is worth the wait.  

Another issue some have is sizing.  It is important to make sure to follow the sizing charts instead of just ordering your normal size, since different countries size their clothing differently. 

I should also note, in the name of full disclosure, that being a blogger, I did not order through the website, but directly through a Sammy Dress representative.  I did peruse the website, however, and it seems fairly easy to navigate with all of the need to know information regarding their products.

Now to the dress I ordered! Knowing that I'm most likely taller than the average customer, I decided to be safe and order a longer dress.  This is often my solution when ordering from any new retailer.  I was looking for a cute Spring / Summer dress that was somewhat casual but could be dressed up and decided on the Floral Print Retro Style Scoop Neck Sleeveless Chiffon Dress With Belt For Women.  For under $17, this dress is of higher quality than I expected.  First off, most lightly colored dresses I buy - even here in the U.S.- tend to be at least a little bit sheer.  Not this dress.  No underwear showing here!  The dress itself is comfortable and fits PERFECTLY.  With a cute, thin brown belt that buckles around the waist and also a side zipper for a fitted look, this dress has a very refined quality about it that I love.  It is also long enough for me to wear while out with my son; hitting just above my knee. 

The dress also washes well.  I washed it in the washing machine with a light load and then put it in the dryer on low and did not notice any ware. 

My experience with Sammy Dress has been fantastic and I definitely plan on ordering from them again.  For those iffy about  ordering from Sammy Dress for the first time,  I would recommend placing a small order first to gauge your experience and going from there.   I am going to go enjoy my day in my new pretty dress! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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