Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fresh Faced with Mally Beauty

Guess what today is?  It is my birthday! And I received some Mally products just in time to create a gorgeous birthday look! It's no secret that I have an issue with dark circles under my eyes.  Especially since becoming a mommy.  Concealer can be my best friend.  So I was definitely excited to try these new eye brightening products by Mally Beauty.  See my before (no makeup) and after (makeup) photos below.

And this look took just over 5 minutes to achieve.  Want to know how? Watch my Mally review below.

Mally Products Used

Perfect Prep Hydrating Under-Eye Brightener in Deeper

Perfect Prep Hydrating Under-Eye Brightener
This product is AMAZING!  Normally, I don't do any prep under my eyes before putting on my concealer for two reasons.  1. It either makes my makeup look heavy and cakey, or 2. It feels like I have plastered makeup under my eye.  THIS PRODUCT IS DIFFERENT.  It goes on smoothly, feels light, and blends perfectly with the rest of the makeup for a very naturally brightened look.  I definitely feel like this corrects enough for me to be able to skip the concealer - although I still have to test this theory.  Either way, this is a step I normally skip.  But with this product, its worth the extra minute for such a great look.

Age Rebel Nourishing Concealer in Light

I love this concealer for many reasons.  It blends perfectly, looks natural (no odd lightly colored streaks!), and it only takes a tiny little bit to get full coverage. I love the fresh look this concealer gives and the fact that it glides on perfectly.

Volumizing Mascara in Black

There is no other mascara like this one.  It really opens up my eyes, makes them appear bigger and stays all day.  I love how easy it is to apply.  It is not messy and the brush grips the lashes giving a  naturally beautiful effect while still being noticeable.  All of this makes it one of Mally's most popular products.  If you're looking to start with just one Mally Beauty product to try it out, definitely start with this mascara.
Age Rebel Nourishing Concealer

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