Wednesday, April 30, 2014

On a Throwback Roll

So I've decided to do it again.  Because you all seemed to love my trip down memory lane with the 90's beauty products, I'm going to take another trip.  But this time its with T.V. shows.  Now on this list there are the iconic shows, like Full House, that everyone remembers.  BUT there are also shows that many of you may have completely forgotten about. Until now.

1. Full House

This show is still one of the best family shows on T.V.  Although it has been off of the air for a number of years, it is loved by children today.  My son, at nearly a year and a half, loves to watch Full House every evening.  An mommy enjoys it too.

2. Family Matters

Equally iconic, Family Matters birthed the loveable super nerd Steve Urkel and one of the best catch phrases ever. "Did I do that?"  Ps. Remember that little sister that randomly disappeared in the later seasons?

3.  Step By Step

I loved this show.  And definitely had a small crush on Cody...Until I learned of the troubled life of the actor that played him.

6. Animorphs

My love for Sci-Fi started young. Some of you may have no idea this show even existed.  But those who read the book series know what I'm talking about.  Did anyone else have a crush on Tobias?  No? Just me? ... Alright then.

7.  Boy Meets World

Another show that continues to run today.  Its so popular that a spin off of the show is in the making now!  I personally prefer the earlier seasons.  Before Cory was annoying, before Eric was dumb, when Topanga was a hippy and Morgan was a little cutie.

8. Sister, Sister

Loved this show! Funny, wholesome, and full of fashion.  Jack√©e Harry is her usual fabulous self, and the Mowry twins are both sweet and sassy.  GO HOME ROGER!

9.  Flash Forward

No, I'm not talking about the show that aired just a few years ago.  This one some may not remember but it was definitely one of my favorites.  One of the Disney channel's first original series, it only lasted about a year. 

10. The Secret World Of Alex Mack

Watch The Secret World Of Alex Mack Opening in Entertainment | View More Free Videos Online at

There was a time... when I was OBSESSED with this show.  If you didn't watch it, you missed out.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Summer Essentials - Smooth Skin

Alright, ladies.  I'm just going to say it.  We've all been there.  You're out, looking cute in that dress that fits perfectly, or being completely comfortable in cool shorts... and then, for whatever reason, you touch your leg and realize... you missed a spot while shaving.

Nothing like some stubble to make a girl suddenly self conscious, am I right?  If you're like me, you spend the rest of the outing trying not to think about that patch of spikiness on your leg (but are constantly hoping no one else notices it.)

Here is where this next Summer Essential comes in handy.  The Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace Razor is the perfect solution to the situation we have all been in, and most likely, will be in again.  This cute little razor comes in its own snap case and is small enough to fit in a clutch.  Meaning, if you find some stubble that somehow survived your shower shave, you can just excuse yourself to the restroom, whip out this little baby, and be done with it.

There are several great things about this product besides its size.  The quality is still all there. This razor provides a close, smooth, nick free shave with 5 blades and a touch of silk with the water activated Ribbon of Moisture.  It is also refillable.  So no need to keep buying the entire razor and case over and over again.  Just insert a new razor and you're all set.

So avoid potential embarrassment (or more likely obsession) this Summer and pack this handy product with you. ...You know... just in case.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nostalgic Beauty Items

This post originally started as an "evolution of my beauty routine" post.  I wrote the entire post (complete with pictures)  and realized... I didn't like the post at all.  It was too long, too much about me, and frankly, not interesting enough.

BUT - silver lining - it did inspire this post.  A list of nostalgic beauty items.  For the most part these items were popular from the mid to late 90s.  And, yes, I did have most of these.  90s kids will especially enjoy this list. Get ready, here come the middle school and high school memories.

1. Naturistics Lip Balm

I LOVED this lip balm.  Besides being super glossy, it was super yummy. 

2. Bath & Body Works... EVERYTHING

 My personal favorite was Plumeria... but pretty much anything Bath and Body Works was good.  Going to the mall and stocking up... so that I could smell like flowers and fruit.

3. Juice Bar Scents

Ever want to smell like candy?  Apparently I did... because I had these.  The Cotton Candy was my favorite.

4. Body Glitter

In the 90s body glitter was popular among pop stars and teens.  I had one that vanilla scented and came in a small tube. ...I know... its a mistake I should not be admitting.

5. Herbal Essences 

Semi inappropriate commercials? Different fun scents? Yes please.

6. NYC Clear Roll on Lipgloss

For that mega shine gloss that's tasty enough to eat... uh... not that I did that or anything...

7.  Lip Smackers

Obsessed with fruity lips, much?

8.  Clinique Happy

Loved it then! ...Not so fond of it now...

9.  Wet N Wild Nail Polish

One of the only brands that had more than just pinks and reds back then. AND it was affordable.

10.  Bonnie Bell Flippin' Out Lip Shades

For when you were ready to graduate from Lip Smackers to some real color on your lips...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Summer Beauty Essentials - Sun Kissed Skin

Summer is just around the corner and its about time to start gearing up for some warm weather beauty looks.  Now before I get comments listing the dangers of sun exposure, I'm talking about skin that only LOOKS sun kissed. 

That's right, a sunless tan.  Now, I normally do not use sunless tanners because 1.)  I am not skilled in the application process, 2.) the color never looks natural on me, and 3.) I don't enjoy the smell it leaves behind.  Besides, I normally get a little bit of a tan from my daily exposure in the Florida sun.  But one part of my body that seems to keep its fair color no matter what?  My legs.

I have no idea why.  But even when I used to spend my days laying out worshiping the sun, my legs would not get any color.   My SAFE solution to this problem?  Jergens Natural Glow.

Now this product has been around for quite awhile.  And I remember using it years and years ago.  From what I can remember, this product has improved its formula.  I was surprised to find that I noticed a tan on my legs after just two days of use.  Its easy to apply (just apply like you would your daily lotion.)  The gradual nature of this product also prevents the usual sunless tanner uh-ohs.  No streaks or blotches here.  Plus, it allows you to control how much color you want. Whether you want just a little touch of sun or a full blown dark tan.  I reached my color after just 4 days. But kept applying for a couple of days just for this post.  And lastly... it doesn't have that smell.  You know, the self tanner/ tanning bed smell that somehow is left behind on your skin even after showering.  I also love the new mess-free pump design.  So much easier to apply!  Enough with my jibber jabber.  I know you all want to see the results.  Check them out below.

Day 1

Day 3

Day 6

After the results I had, I will definitely be using this all Summer long.  Yay for Summer legs!

Friday, April 18, 2014

A Supplement That Treats Acne? ...My Honest EstroBlock Review

I really tried to edit this video to cut out most of my rambling and scatterbrained tendencies.  I think I got it down to as good as it is going to get!  As you all know, I've had a really rough time with my cystic acne coming back since having my son.   I got desperate.  So desperate that I decided to actually take a supplement - something I don't normally do.  Check out my review below. (Side effects description included.)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Floral Fun with Forever 21

So after posting trends I just simply don't understand... I decided to focus on one I do understand... And love!  Floral!

Reasons why I love it

1.  It comes back every Spring without fail
2.  It can be edgy, sweet, trendy, bright, soft, and everything in between
3. Its so easy to incorporate with little touches in small pieces or with larger pieces
4. It is completely accessible.  You can find some really great pieces for affordable prices

To illustrate all of the above, I've picked some floral pieces from Forever 21.  Check it out below!  The head wraps remind me of some Lilly Pulitzer pieces I've seen.

Floral Fun with Forever 21

Forever 21 floral dress

Forever 21 floral top

Forever 21 cut off

Forever 21 dressy skirt

Forever 21 floral skirt

Forever 21 chain jewelry

Forever 21 earrings

Forever 21 necklace

Forever 21 leaf earrings

Forever 21 wayfare

Forever 21 knot headband

Forever 21 knot headband

Forever 21 headband

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Trends I DO NOT Understand

So... I understand that not "getting" what makes a new hot trend "hot" may mean I'm getting older.  And I am willing to accept that.  However, some of these trends just seem so ridiculous to me! I can't be the only one... can I?

1.  Thigh Gaps

 Uh... What?  Seriously... As if women don't hate their bodies enough... we've found something NEW to obsess about on our bodies?  It just seems so odd.  Who is looking at that? Besides the fact that MOST women simply can not achieve this no matter how thin they become, it just seems so silly to me.  I understand working to get a flat tummy or a firm booty... but a thigh gap? I don't get it.  Not that there is anything wrong with having one... I just don't understand the sudden obsession. Even Target recently got caught up in the hype... and caused some controversy for the horribly Photoshopped thigh gap they put on one of their models (pictured above.)

2.  Ugly Sandals

I KNOW I am not alone on this one.  Kristin Cavallari has expressed her views on this trend.  Besides the fact that they are called UGLY sandals, they make those of us (me) with big feet (size 10 and proud) look like we have oddly clown-ish feet.  Birkenstocks are in?  what is going on?

3.  Mustache Everything

 Thankfully, this trend seems to have faded out.  But I really never understood what was so cute about an illustration of facial hair.

4.  Kim Kardashian

Yes, she is gorgeous.  And yes, I am a fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (Don't judge me!  Ok... judge me... because that show is ridiculous. Isn't that the draw though?)   But...why am I constantly hearing "Kim K" news?  From where she ate to what she wore... She is everywhere I turn!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Random NEW Obsession!

I know I JUST did my March Obsessions... however, I have to share one more NEW obsession with you.  You all know that I LOVE Mally Beauty's Volumizing Mascara.  But it is starting to get a little warm and steamy in the beautiful sunshine state. And I'm going to need to start using a waterproof mascara to prevent my sweat, the humidity in the are, and random rain storms from ruining my flawless eye makeup.

So guess who came to my rescue!  That's right! Mally Beauty. With the Volumizing Waterproof Mascara, I get the same bright eyed, naturally glam look but with the staying power strong enough to win my battle against the wet Florida weather.  No need to look any further for your Summer mascara, this pretty pink tube of gorgeous has you covered!

Spring has Sprung!

Ahhh it's Springtime!  At least it is here in Florida.  I know many Northerners who are still longing for the warmer weather that this time of year should bring. 

But here in the lovely sunshine state, it is warm and breezy.  The weather is probably comparable to what most think of as Summer.  Personally, I prefer a Floridian Spring over Summer any day of the week because, well let's face it, the heat that comes with Florida's Summer can be UNBEARABLE.  But Springtime? Beautiful. Sunny with scattered showers and a cool breeze.  

Spring fashion is another favorite of mine.  Bye bye dark, dreary colors.  Hello bright colors, floral prints, and new trends!

Orange Blossoms
But the number one thing that I LOVE about this time of year above all else (and it is something that I have loved since I was a little girl) is the sudden appearance of my favorite scent filling the air.  Sweet, fragrant orange blossoms bloom this time of year causing the outdoors to smell beautifully and naturally perfumed.  When I was a little girl I would eat my breakfast outside in the porch to enjoy the scent along with the comfortable weather.  My entire family would even eat dinner at a large table outdoors to enjoy everything this time of year has to offer.  There is something about eating outdoors on a beautiful evening that can make an ordinary meal feel special.

Today, I may not have time to leisurely eat my breakfast or serve dinner outdoors- it can be difficult with a toddler running around.  But I do make sure to take a few minutes to  sit outdoors, relax, drink my special Starbucks Spring Blend Coffee and get my good mood going for the day.  Lets face it,  its the little things that uplift us the most some days, right?  I've always enjoyed seasonal coffee.  Its one of those little things that I look forward to each time the weather changes.  Those that know me well know how excited I get when the Pumpkin Spice latte comes back.  But when it came to the season of renewal, that little touch of something special was missing. Spring was left out of the seasonal coffee mix... Until now.   This coffee is the perfect accompaniment to the refreshing feeling Spring weather brings.  I can now enjoy my orange blossom aroma along with hints of orange on my tongue as I sip my number one morning must have.

Now it is my turn to make sweet Springtime memories for my son that he will carry into his adulthood; just as my parents did for me.  As I write this, I am outdoors, watching my toddler play in the green, green grass, enjoying my second cup of Starbucks Spring Blend Coffee, and trying to take in every moment.

 Hello, Spring!  It's nice to see you again. Please stick around for awhile.