Monday, April 14, 2014

Floral Fun with Forever 21

So after posting trends I just simply don't understand... I decided to focus on one I do understand... And love!  Floral!

Reasons why I love it

1.  It comes back every Spring without fail
2.  It can be edgy, sweet, trendy, bright, soft, and everything in between
3. Its so easy to incorporate with little touches in small pieces or with larger pieces
4. It is completely accessible.  You can find some really great pieces for affordable prices

To illustrate all of the above, I've picked some floral pieces from Forever 21.  Check it out below!  The head wraps remind me of some Lilly Pulitzer pieces I've seen.

Floral Fun with Forever 21

Forever 21 floral dress

Forever 21 floral top

Forever 21 cut off

Forever 21 dressy skirt

Forever 21 floral skirt

Forever 21 chain jewelry

Forever 21 earrings

Forever 21 necklace

Forever 21 leaf earrings

Forever 21 wayfare

Forever 21 knot headband

Forever 21 knot headband

Forever 21 headband

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