Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nostalgic Beauty Items

This post originally started as an "evolution of my beauty routine" post.  I wrote the entire post (complete with pictures)  and realized... I didn't like the post at all.  It was too long, too much about me, and frankly, not interesting enough.

BUT - silver lining - it did inspire this post.  A list of nostalgic beauty items.  For the most part these items were popular from the mid to late 90s.  And, yes, I did have most of these.  90s kids will especially enjoy this list. Get ready, here come the middle school and high school memories.

1. Naturistics Lip Balm

I LOVED this lip balm.  Besides being super glossy, it was super yummy. 

2. Bath & Body Works... EVERYTHING

 My personal favorite was Plumeria... but pretty much anything Bath and Body Works was good.  Going to the mall and stocking up... so that I could smell like flowers and fruit.

3. Juice Bar Scents

Ever want to smell like candy?  Apparently I did... because I had these.  The Cotton Candy was my favorite.

4. Body Glitter

In the 90s body glitter was popular among pop stars and teens.  I had one that vanilla scented and came in a small tube. ...I know... its a mistake I should not be admitting.

5. Herbal Essences 

Semi inappropriate commercials? Different fun scents? Yes please.

6. NYC Clear Roll on Lipgloss

For that mega shine gloss that's tasty enough to eat... uh... not that I did that or anything...

7.  Lip Smackers

Obsessed with fruity lips, much?

8.  Clinique Happy

Loved it then! ...Not so fond of it now...

9.  Wet N Wild Nail Polish

One of the only brands that had more than just pinks and reds back then. AND it was affordable.

10.  Bonnie Bell Flippin' Out Lip Shades

For when you were ready to graduate from Lip Smackers to some real color on your lips...

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