Wednesday, April 30, 2014

On a Throwback Roll

So I've decided to do it again.  Because you all seemed to love my trip down memory lane with the 90's beauty products, I'm going to take another trip.  But this time its with T.V. shows.  Now on this list there are the iconic shows, like Full House, that everyone remembers.  BUT there are also shows that many of you may have completely forgotten about. Until now.

1. Full House

This show is still one of the best family shows on T.V.  Although it has been off of the air for a number of years, it is loved by children today.  My son, at nearly a year and a half, loves to watch Full House every evening.  An mommy enjoys it too.

2. Family Matters

Equally iconic, Family Matters birthed the loveable super nerd Steve Urkel and one of the best catch phrases ever. "Did I do that?"  Ps. Remember that little sister that randomly disappeared in the later seasons?

3.  Step By Step

I loved this show.  And definitely had a small crush on Cody...Until I learned of the troubled life of the actor that played him.

6. Animorphs

My love for Sci-Fi started young. Some of you may have no idea this show even existed.  But those who read the book series know what I'm talking about.  Did anyone else have a crush on Tobias?  No? Just me? ... Alright then.

7.  Boy Meets World

Another show that continues to run today.  Its so popular that a spin off of the show is in the making now!  I personally prefer the earlier seasons.  Before Cory was annoying, before Eric was dumb, when Topanga was a hippy and Morgan was a little cutie.

8. Sister, Sister

Loved this show! Funny, wholesome, and full of fashion.  Jack√©e Harry is her usual fabulous self, and the Mowry twins are both sweet and sassy.  GO HOME ROGER!

9.  Flash Forward

No, I'm not talking about the show that aired just a few years ago.  This one some may not remember but it was definitely one of my favorites.  One of the Disney channel's first original series, it only lasted about a year. 

10. The Secret World Of Alex Mack

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There was a time... when I was OBSESSED with this show.  If you didn't watch it, you missed out.

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