Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring has Sprung!

Ahhh it's Springtime!  At least it is here in Florida.  I know many Northerners who are still longing for the warmer weather that this time of year should bring. 

But here in the lovely sunshine state, it is warm and breezy.  The weather is probably comparable to what most think of as Summer.  Personally, I prefer a Floridian Spring over Summer any day of the week because, well let's face it, the heat that comes with Florida's Summer can be UNBEARABLE.  But Springtime? Beautiful. Sunny with scattered showers and a cool breeze.  

Spring fashion is another favorite of mine.  Bye bye dark, dreary colors.  Hello bright colors, floral prints, and new trends!

Orange Blossoms
But the number one thing that I LOVE about this time of year above all else (and it is something that I have loved since I was a little girl) is the sudden appearance of my favorite scent filling the air.  Sweet, fragrant orange blossoms bloom this time of year causing the outdoors to smell beautifully and naturally perfumed.  When I was a little girl I would eat my breakfast outside in the porch to enjoy the scent along with the comfortable weather.  My entire family would even eat dinner at a large table outdoors to enjoy everything this time of year has to offer.  There is something about eating outdoors on a beautiful evening that can make an ordinary meal feel special.

Today, I may not have time to leisurely eat my breakfast or serve dinner outdoors- it can be difficult with a toddler running around.  But I do make sure to take a few minutes to  sit outdoors, relax, drink my special Starbucks Spring Blend Coffee and get my good mood going for the day.  Lets face it,  its the little things that uplift us the most some days, right?  I've always enjoyed seasonal coffee.  Its one of those little things that I look forward to each time the weather changes.  Those that know me well know how excited I get when the Pumpkin Spice latte comes back.  But when it came to the season of renewal, that little touch of something special was missing. Spring was left out of the seasonal coffee mix... Until now.   This coffee is the perfect accompaniment to the refreshing feeling Spring weather brings.  I can now enjoy my orange blossom aroma along with hints of orange on my tongue as I sip my number one morning must have.

Now it is my turn to make sweet Springtime memories for my son that he will carry into his adulthood; just as my parents did for me.  As I write this, I am outdoors, watching my toddler play in the green, green grass, enjoying my second cup of Starbucks Spring Blend Coffee, and trying to take in every moment.

 Hello, Spring!  It's nice to see you again. Please stick around for awhile.      

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