Thursday, April 24, 2014

Summer Beauty Essentials - Sun Kissed Skin

Summer is just around the corner and its about time to start gearing up for some warm weather beauty looks.  Now before I get comments listing the dangers of sun exposure, I'm talking about skin that only LOOKS sun kissed. 

That's right, a sunless tan.  Now, I normally do not use sunless tanners because 1.)  I am not skilled in the application process, 2.) the color never looks natural on me, and 3.) I don't enjoy the smell it leaves behind.  Besides, I normally get a little bit of a tan from my daily exposure in the Florida sun.  But one part of my body that seems to keep its fair color no matter what?  My legs.

I have no idea why.  But even when I used to spend my days laying out worshiping the sun, my legs would not get any color.   My SAFE solution to this problem?  Jergens Natural Glow.

Now this product has been around for quite awhile.  And I remember using it years and years ago.  From what I can remember, this product has improved its formula.  I was surprised to find that I noticed a tan on my legs after just two days of use.  Its easy to apply (just apply like you would your daily lotion.)  The gradual nature of this product also prevents the usual sunless tanner uh-ohs.  No streaks or blotches here.  Plus, it allows you to control how much color you want. Whether you want just a little touch of sun or a full blown dark tan.  I reached my color after just 4 days. But kept applying for a couple of days just for this post.  And lastly... it doesn't have that smell.  You know, the self tanner/ tanning bed smell that somehow is left behind on your skin even after showering.  I also love the new mess-free pump design.  So much easier to apply!  Enough with my jibber jabber.  I know you all want to see the results.  Check them out below.

Day 1

Day 3

Day 6

After the results I had, I will definitely be using this all Summer long.  Yay for Summer legs!

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