Thursday, May 1, 2014

Summer Essentials - Fresh, Clean Skin

Even the most low maintenance of us have some form of the net beauty product.  After all, cleanliness is very important to all... especially this time of year.

With the weather getting warmer, we may or may not be getting a little bit sweaty... and stinky.  When the weather turns warm I tend to leave my heavy, musky perfumed products behind for light, crisp scents.

So one of the many things I switch up when that 80-90 degree weather hits?  My body wash.  For some reason vanilla, soft scents are no longer appealing.  And I usually crave something much more energizing with a cleaner feel but still want the same amount of moisture.

My choice body wash this Summer?  Dial's Vitamin Boost Super C Oil Infused Body Wash.  There are many, many reasons to love this wash.  Its affordable and comes in a LARGE bottle; making it a great value.   I also notice the way it leaves my skin feeling.  I feel refreshed as it washes away the day yet still have  very soft, moisturized skin.  My absolute favorite part of this body wash is... the scent.   I LOVE Citrus scents that actually smell like real citrus.  Its so fresh, vibrant...and, I'll say it, happy.  I will never again  fork over big bucks for that tiny bottle of expensive body wash when  Dial provides the same quality for a fraction of the cost.  The Florida heat has already set in and I'm smelling yummy and ready to take on the day. 

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