Monday, July 7, 2014

Beauty Myths Debunked! Brought to You by Venus

Growing up, we ladies hear so many myths when it comes to beauty.  How to get the best look, how to avoid disasters, and family beauty secrets are some of the things the older and wiser women in our lives have shared with us all, right?

Turns out... some of that stuff (maybe even a lot of that stuff) is simply not true.  So in honor of Summer, warmer weather, and more skin showing, I've decided to share some of the biggest beauty myths when it comes to skin, thanks to the lovely Venus Dermatologist Dr. Jody Levine. I also tested a myth or two on my own beach trip JUST to make sure. 


Myth #1: Saltwater Causes Irritation
I've always been told NEVER shave the morning of going to the beach because it causes irritation and that yucky stinging feeling.  Turns out, the irritation is caused by the little nicks and cuts a low quality/dull razor leaves behind.  So the morning of my beach trip I shaved using the Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor. This razor features 5-blades and a ribbon of moisture.  Later that day I braced myself for the all too familiar sting the ocean tends to give my freshly shaven legs...only to find... I felt nothing.  No irritation. No discomfort! Best of my sensitive skin was perfectly silky, smooth

Myth #2: Exfoliating Can Only Be Done With a Loofah

Because I am always looking for beauty shortcuts... this is one I already knew. Shaving is also a form of exfoliation so there is really no need to exfoliate your legs before shaving. Be sure to keep those gams moisturized after any sun exposure or time in the salt or pool water, ladies! 

 Myth #3: Warmer Weather Means Growing Hair

This is one I have definitely heard over and over.   According to Dr. Levine "Hair lightened by the sun may give the illusion that hair is growing faster."  I think we may also notice stubble a bit more in warmer weather since we are more likely wearing clothing (shorts, little skirts, sundresses) that expose our... and the look of that shave we decided to skip.  This is where the  Venus Snap with Embrace Razor comes into play.  Pop that baby into your purse and when you notice your legs are not looking so silky smooth, excuse yourself to the restroom and quickly take care of that problem!


 Myth #4: Sensitive Skin Isn’t To Blame

Many women think they have sensitive skin when using a poor quality razor could actually be the problem.   In fact, compared to other hair removal solutions such as waxing and creams, shaving is actually recommended by dermatologists, including Dr. Levine, for sensitive skin.

And there you have it!  Skin myths debunked!


  1. Still from her
    "• Shaving myths: One of the most controversial arguments in the wax vs. shave debate is that shaving makes your hair grow back more quickly and thicker. And guess what? It's true, according to Dr. Levine. "That is true that after you shave the hair does grow back thicker," she told us. "It’s [also] true if you shave and then wax, waxing is going to hurt more because the hairs are thicker and you get two hairs growing out of one follicle sometimes. So I do like sticking to one method." The lesson? Plan your waxing sessions accordingly if you don't like to shave. "
    So at the end it was true?

    1. Hi Anto,

      Unfortunately, I did not discuss wax vs shave with Dr. Levine, so I can not say for certain what her stance is or what her exact words were on the subject. According to the article you sited, it does seem that Dr. Levine has said that shaving does make your hair grow back thicker. If you have further questions on this subject you may want to visit Dr. Levine's Website

      Or even the explore Gillette Venus's website

    2. HI, thanks for your kind reply. She is cited in many articles about depilation which rightly state that such effects of shaving on hair are a myth, although she doesn't exactly address this point in the cited part, which are about different aspect.
      Personally I'm surprised of this, cause we all know cutting dead protein like hair has no effect. If ever there can be a bland and very temporary circulation boost, but I don't think it would be enough to get permanent or even just long term hair thickening effect. I'd be curious if this were further argumented as it's a unusual point of view from a dermatologist.
      bye. See you

  2. Venus rightly states officially that it's a myth as well :).

    1. Thanks for looking into it and sharing with us! :o)