Thursday, July 24, 2014

MAC Moody Blooms

Its been awhile since my last MAC review but I just had to cover one of their amazing Summer lines!

I feel like this line in particular has been overshadowed by both the Osbourne's line and by the gorgeous Alluring Aquatic line.  I am even guilty of over looking this line in favor of the other two.  But as it turns out, Moody Blooms is one of my favorite lines MAC has produced.

Moody Blooms seems to perfectly combine seductive neutrals and stunning brights. The Sheen Supreme Lipsticks are my favorite product of the line. I love that this lip color is highly pigmented and still has the look of a Lipglass  without being drying.
Color: Moody Bloom

The Moody Bloom Sheen Supreme Lipstick is a Bronze Plum lip color.  Now I know what you may be thinking 1. A non-coral/red/pink lip color in Summer? or 2. Bronze lip color?! Do you know what decade we're in?  I too was skeptical about this lip color.  I gave it a try and am loving it.  It shows as more of a shimmery neutral and is great for both a natural every day wear  look or as a compliment to bold eye looks.  Its a very unique color that seems to compliment most skin tones while giving a very refined, subtle look.
Color: Venomous Violet

Venomous Violet is another surprising lip color for a Summer line.  This deep berry lipstick isn't as dark on as it appears in packaging.  While Moody Bloom is definitely on the neutral end of the spectrum, Venomous Violet is on the seductive end of the spectrum of this line. Think what your lips would look like after being stained from eating a combination of raspberries and blackberries.  That is Venomous Violet.  Its definitely a striking color, but not one that is too much or too intimidating for those who tend to be less daring in their makeup adventures.

Color: Blooming Mad
 This line also offers a selection of brights; available in the eye shadows and blushes.  The eye shadows are, of course, high quality, highly pigmented and easily blended colors.  One color that I was instantly drawn to was Blooming Mad.  This frosty, midtone ultra violet is reminiscent of a gorgeous orchid.  And definitely falls in with the "color of the year" for this year.  Its beautifully feminine when blended for a subtle look but can
also be applied for a more bold, bright look.  Speaking of bold, Lucky Green is definitely what I would call a bright Summer color.  This frosty midtone lime eyeshadow is quite striking, even in the pot. Those looking for something bright without being psychedelic... this the shadow for you.  Somehow it still comes off very polished when applied.  Giving more of a sophisticated look instead of... well the teeny bopper look some other brands' brights give.
Color: Lucky Green

 Lastly, but certainly not least, one of my makeup must haves... Blush!  The Moody Blooms Powder Blush has a selection of two colors.  Bred for Beauty is a matte midtone blue pink and a very bright flush of a color.   Worldly Wealth, however, is a little unexpected.  This frosty/shimmery peachy bronze color is perfect for Summer.  Use it alone as a bronzer blush or layer on top of your favorite pinks, reds, corals for a glowing look.  This blush caught me by surprise - in a good way.  Its perfectly aligned with any Summer look and definitely has multiple uses for multiple skin tones.
Powder Blush in Worldly Wealth

Check out the Moody Blooms collection for yourself at your local MAC boutique or counter!  But hurry! The collection is selling out and will be gone by August 1st! 


  1. These lipsticks look really lovely. I think you're right about the collection being overshadowed by others, there were so many in quick succession - Proenza Schoeler, Alluring Aquatics, Lorde, and the Osbornes, and so I haven't heard much about this one.

    1. Thanks for reading, Lena! MAC has been busy putting out collection after collection - Moody Bloom seemed to get lost in the mix! Stay tuned for the upcoming Fall collections! :-)

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