Wednesday, August 6, 2014

From Office Girl To WAHM (Work At Home Mom)

This is another one of those rare posts that is actually about my life (don't worry there are beauty and fashion subjects in here as well!)
Workspace Before Baby
Workspace After Baby
Obviously, my life changed once I had my son.  But people seem to be the most curious about how my work life changed.  I am a Stay At Home / Work From Home mom.  And it is definitely the biggest blessing to be able to work from home and raise my son full time.  I am very grateful to have clients that allow me to work at my own pace (to a certain extent of course) and do my work around caring for my son, instead of the other way around.

Of course, the work setting has changed.  I no longer have to get up to get ready and go into the office.  But that doesn't mean I sleep in.  I still get up pretty early (before the sun comes up some days) with my son and I'm pretty much working - in one form or another - until we go to bed.  There are no breaks, there isn't an hour lunch set aside for me to savor a meal, and there really aren't any days off. 
Not just in the "I'm a mom, I don't get a day off," sense.  But also in the "I work for 7 days a week to get a fair amount of writing done and submitted at the end of the week." After all, if I don't have anything to submit, I don't get paid.

Before Baby Work Outfit

Typical Outfit After Baby
Of course, the perks of working at home are pretty great.  I pretty much wear a tank, shorts, and flip flops every day (yoga pants and VS Pink T-shirt during the colder seasons.)  I also don't have to be confined to one desk, one room, or even one building to get work done.  As long as I have my computer (and as long as my son is occupied or being watched by someone else) I can tackle my work load.  My beauty routine has also changed drastically.  I used to wear a full face of makeup when going into the office.  (Lets not count the pregnancy months... then I pretty much wore whatever was the most comfortable and couldn't even finish applying makeup to my face before having to rinse it off after getting sick.)  Now I pretty much wear concealer, lippy and blush... and maybe, MAYBE mascara.  This has allowed my skin to breathe and "just be" leaving me with more manageable (but not perfect) skin.

Before Baby MakeupAfter Baby Daiy Makeup

It is a big change.  I do sometimes miss the "team environment" of working in an office.  And you know... being around adults.  But this is definitely what works best for my family and I right now.  And I am forever grateful that I have such amazing clients and am able to still be at home with my son while I work.

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