Monday, September 1, 2014

Secrets of a Beauty Lovin' Mama

One thing that no one ever really tells you before you have a child... your beauty routine and your whole perspective on what is an acceptable look for outside of the house will completely change once the child is here.  At least for the first few years.  Here are some of the thoughts that stream through my head quite often.

1.  I don't NEED makeup

I've never been on that feels like I "need" to have makeup before I leave the house.  Yes, I love applying it, I love trying different brands and color palettes... but it has ALWAYS been something FUN for me. Not something that I "have to do."  So naturally... after having my son I am often times without makeup when running errands. For daily to-dos the most I put on is concealer, blush, eyeshadow (neutral tone), and mascara. And even that's rare.

2. This is how I look...Deal.
 MOST of the judgement that comes when a woman doesn't wear any makeup comes from other women.  Men tend not to notice.  Seriously. They're not looking at your face that hard.  Now before anyone gets offended, I'm not trying to diss female kind here.  I'm just saying at times we are our own worst enemy when it comes to societal pressures and standards.  And that women really do dress/get ready for other women quite often...probably more than we realize.  I find the most judgement I've personally received comes from generations a bit older than my own.  And this may be because when they were my age it was expected for a woman to be dressed to the nines, have her hair done, and have her "face put on" before exiting the house.  Well here comes my generation... Hair thrown up in a messy bun, little to no makeup, and a tank top with yoga pants. Boom! Ready for the day.  I'm not saying either way is wrong or right... I'm just saying I'm ok with how I naturally look.  If you're not... then I'm sorry... but you're going to have to just deal.

3. Its really for me, though

Before my son was born, my husband and I would go out with friends AT LEAST every weekend.  Half of the fun was getting dressed up, doing my night time makeup and attempting to do my hair (I'm not very good at that part.)  I would dress for the occasion, dress for the group we were hanging out with, or dress for the venue.  Now that "dress up" times don't come around every weekend... or very often at all, I dress for me.  I still dress occasion, venue, and group appropriate but I take more time to look at what I feel I look best in, what I'm most comfortable in, and what will allow be to have a night out feeling beautiful without having pain and discomfort.  That means often times my 7 inch heels are replaced with 3 inch ones.  And my tightly structured dresses have been replaced by those whose material is more forgiving.

4. I miss the aqua...
I came to a point in my early 20s where I became very adventurous with my makeup choices.  Some were not great choices, but some I really loved.  My favorite look was aqua eyeliner.  Sounds a little wild... and maybe it was, but I loved that I felt I could pull it off.   Now that I'm older... and someone's mama, I feel like this look no longer fits me. I am not that young, seemingly carefree girl anymore... and I'm definitely not staying out until breakfast time these days... MAYBE we'll stay out till midnight... but that's pushing it.  Its just not me anymore and I'm ok with that.  But I still miss the aqua liner at times.

5. But I'll have to take it off later...

One of the biggest reasons I don't put on a full face of makeup much anymore?  I'll have to take the time to carefully remove all of it later.  Because my skin is sensitive, I can not leave any amount of makeup on my face overnight.  Not even the small amounts left behind when you don't use a makeup remover.  Nowadays, I am so exhausted by the end of the day that the extra makeup removal step seems taxing.  I just want to shower, get in my PJs, and go to bed.  So now when I'm pulling out that waterproof mascara for the day... I always think twice.

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