Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Favorites: Loungewear

More Fall favorites here!  So I am like a lot of other women and, for some reason, find a way to use Fall (and Winter here in Florida) as an excuse to wear loungewear as often as possible.  Seriously... leggings and yoga pants all day, every day.

You would think finding a comfy, flattering pair of leggings or yoga pants would be easier than it is.  But A LOT of brands (especially those that have a lower price tag) make somewhat translucent loungewear.  Why, hello undies!

To help avoid others from experiencing accidental flashing incidents I have compiled a few of my favorite comfy options below.

Yoga Pants - T-Party

I discovered these yoga pants while searching Amazon for affordable comfy options that would look somewhat put together while running errands outside of the house.   At the time, my son was an infant and wearing "real clothing" just wasn't happening.  But I didn't want to be that mom in her jammies all day either.   These pants are surprisingly flattering, made of a thick, soft material that manages to NOT show undergarments and also NOT look or feel like nylons.  They also have a pretty low price tag considering the quality of this product is high.  They usually run between $10-$16/pair.


Victoria's Secret PINK

These leggings are pricier than I'd like but I received a free pair of their black leggings with purchase of some tops.  And those free leggings that I said "Sure, why not?" to.... they are now my favorite pair.  I prefer leggings that, again, are not "tights" and not made of a nylon material.  You know what I mean.  Those leggings  that look more like tight cotton pants  (even though that sounds hideous) rather than pantyhose. These leggings are high in quality, comfortable, flattering, and cover your booty.   The price is a little high for me... but I would purchase more if these if I ever found them at the outlet store.

Target - Mossimo

Target carries a variety of leggings.  And they are all different when it comes to quality and fit.  The ones I like DO NOT come in those pantyhose-looking packs.  They are usually hung on racks like pants, have a wide waste band and, of course, more of a cotton feel and opaque look.  They are difficult to find in the stores near me so I usually end up buying them online. 

Victoria's Secret PINK and Target are again my go-tos for loungewear.  I usually stick to short sleeve and long sleeve solid colored tops just to make it easier to put an outfit together when I'm in a rush in the morning. VS's are comfy and flattering but again, the price tag for a short sleeve shirt is iffy  for anyone on a budget.  Target makes VERY similar tops for less (and they are often in the clearance section.  I just bought one for under $3.)

Left: PINK           Right: Target

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