Saturday, November 1, 2014

MAC Brooke Shields Collection

She has been a household name for both her looks and talent since I can remember.  Throughout my childhood  I remember Brooke Shields being the standard for an effortlessly glamorous beauty.   Not only does this woman have a great look; she also has the brains, charisma, and relatability that makes up an amazingly strong female role model. 

So, its no surprise MAC and Brooke have collaborated on a line modeled after the actress and mother.  I love this collection for its versatility.  It can be used for an every day "running errands" look but can also create a wedding, date night, or night out with the girls look just as easily. 

The Brooke Shields lipstick in "Excite" is the perfect example of this collection's flexibility. Creamy, highly pigmented, and bright enough to be worked as a bold look if desired, this lipstick is both moisturizing and long lasting. 

One piece from this collection that I can see myself using often (especially during the Holiday season) is the Brooke Shields Studio Nail Lacquer in "Pricey."  This nail lacquer dries quickly and streak-free.  The color itself is a dark, sophisticated red.  It is different enough to not feel generic but not so outrageous that it is ever inappropriate.

Lastly, I see the next piece as being a staple for those looking to keep their Summer glow throughout the cooler months. Brooke Shields Bronzing Powder in "Scone" is a tinted sheer powder that has just enough oomph to give the skin a natural, soft  radiant look.  It is also a great product to use for contouring and highlighting purposes.

Overall, I see this collection as being a great, every day line with multiple uses and looks. It is without a doubt one of MAC's more sophisticated and refined collections - which I am  absolutely loving.

Get the Brooke Shields Collection now available at your local MAC counters, boutiques and online.

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